Wind Power

As part of University's ongoing efforts to improve the campus, and enhance our natural environment, Facilities Operations installed a wind powered pond aeration system. The system improves the water quality of the pond, located next to Facilities Operations, which serves as filtration mechanism for stormwater runoff. The pond serves to capture, control, and filter runoff before it enters our local streams.

The 16 ft. windmill, accented with University colors, uses wind energy to supply oxygen to the pond. The system is designed to operate year-round and effectively aerates with as little as 3 MPH winds. As the wind turns the blades they operate a mechanical bellows system. The bellows act as pump and force the air to two diffusers on the bottom of the pond. The diffusers release the air as tiny bubbles which travel up to the ponds surface. 

As a whole, the system improves water quality by increasing water circulation and maintaining healthy oxygen levels. This carbon-free method results in a reduction of bacteria build up, algal growth, and helps to minimize mosquito breeding areas.