St. Lawrence University is home to one of the richest and most varied environmental curricula of comparable colleges across the U. S. As of 2017, 83% of our academic departments offered one, or more, course(s) that includes the study of sustainability.

The University offers many courses, in many disciplines, that engage students on topics such as: climate change, sustainability and consumption, energy, carbon cycling, environmental writing, ethics, and policy. Many of our courses include short term travel components providing students with an immersive learning experience in the field. To find a course that interests you, please review the AASHE approved University Sustainability Course List (link will download an excel spreadsheet hosted by AASHE).

St. Lawrence faculty have research interests related to environmental and sustainability topics that our students are both passionate about want to study. This allows our students various opportunities to collaborate with faculty on independent research projects. Additionally, our many study aboard programs provide students with opportunities for unique research and field experiences.

Environmental Studies Program 

The Environmental Studies (ES) Program includes combined majors and interdisciplinary collaboration with eleven other University departments. ES students have the opportunity to perform research our 100-acre campus Ecological Sustainability Landscape.

Conservation Biology

The conservation biology program (Con-Bio) is designed to teach students the tools and skills used to understand and protect biological diversity. Con-Bio students study the fundamentals of ecology, the interdisciplinary nature of conservation problems, and the need to engage with multiple stakeholders to solve them.

Outdoor Studies

The Outdoor Studies Minor utilizes the wealth of local resources found in our community to create a unique outdoor classroom experience  gives students the chance to embrace their interests while experiencing the outdoors, studying natural history, and expressing one’s thoughts and feelings.

Adirondack Semester

The Adirondack Semester enables students to study nature and human relationships with nature through academic classes enriched by direct experience. The Program takes place during the Fall Semester at Arcadia, an off-the-grid yurt village in the heart of the Adirondacks.

Sustainability Program

The Sustainability Program is designed to give the next generation of thinkers and leaders the tools to tackle the globally important challenges of sustainability. The program, open to all majors, operates on a local organic farm. This allows participating students to not only gain practical sustainable farming skills but to also have opportunities to explore sustainable entrepreneurship and business models, environmental sciences, sustainable art creation, and sustainable education, advocacy, and activism skills.