Canaras Student Employment

Thank you for your interest in representing St. Lawrence University to numerous alumni, conference guests, and Trustees visiting Canaras this summer!

Please complete and return the attached Application for Employment by Friday April 1, 2022.

Application may be found at:

In addition to the application form, please submit a one-page statement answering the following questions: (returning staff do not need to submit a statement page)     

            1. Why is the position at Canaras of interest to you?

            2. Why would you make a good ambassador for St. Lawrence University?

            3. Why would you make a good member of a work team?

            4. Describe your experiences in teaching/leading recreational activities, especially aquatic activities such as sailing, canoeing, and water-skiing.

A review of applications will begin immediately, and a limited number of students will be selected for interviews.  Interviews will start the week of April 4th, and will be concluded prior to April 15th, 2022.  Applicants will be notified of their status the week of April 18th, 2022.

Canaras Student Staff Job Description

General Information:

A staff of 9 St. Lawrence University students works at Camp Canaras from Monday, May 23 - Sunday, August 14, 2022.  The first 4 weeks will be spent cleaning cabins and camp grounds in preparation for the 8 week Alumni Season (up to 70 guests per week).  Students are given 1 day off per week and are expected to live and eat at Canaras.  Daily staff meals are served before or after guest meals.  If you cannot work for these full dates or cannot live at Camp for the full duration, please do not apply for the position.  If you are unable to work the final week due to on-campus commitments, please explain on the application.  Also, while a University van is assigned to Canaras for the summer, you are responsible for arranging transportation to and from Canaras.

The daily routine starts at approximately 7:30am and ends after dinner clean up.  There are breaks in between meal times.  It is suggested that you bring "old clothes" to work and paint in.  General dress is casual, however there is a dress code for dinner. Staff are expected to wear shirts with collars and either pants (NOT JEANS), skirts or shorts (to the knee) when serving guests during the dinner hour. Shoes that cover the entire foot are required while working in the kitchen and dining room.  Sandals, Tevas, flip flops, etc., are not acceptable. There are laundry facilities at Canaras.

Duties to be performed:

  • Cleaning:  All 10 guest cabins are “turned over” every Saturday during the Alumni Season and before new conference guests arrive in June.  This includes scrubbing bathrooms, vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, changing linen, emptying garbage and recycling, etc.
  • Grounds Maintenance: Mowing lawns, raking paths and beaches, chopping and stacking firewood for each cabin, etc.
  • Kitchen Duties: Setting & clearing tables for 70 guests (adults and children), waiting on tables, monitoring children while they eat, running the dish machine, cleaning (sweeping, mopping) kitchen and dining hall.  All students work in the dining hall for all 3 meals and kitchen duties may include some cooking and food preparation.
  • Recreational Duties: Monitoring "Kids Hour" every day, including organizing activities for children ages 2-15.
  • Water Sports:  Clean and maintain boats daily, drive water ski boat and supervise water-skiing activities, teach wind-surfing, sailing, etc.  Staff will be required to take a swimming proficiency test prior to starting work.
  • Public Relations: Representing St. Lawrence University to Trustees and Guests.   Informing them of current activities on campus, etc.
  • Miscellaneous Projects:  Cleaning path lamps, painting cabins and other duties to be assigned by the Camp Director and kitchen manager.


  • Room and Board is provided by St. Lawrence University
  • $4,275.00 salary
  • Salary listed is for students working their first year at Canaras and includes gratuity   

Canaras General Information

LOCATION: Saranac Lake, NY

DESCRIPTION: Traditional Adirondack camp on Upper Saranac Lake owned by St. Lawrence University and used as a family vacation spot and conference center

DATES: May 23 - August 14, 2022

STUDENT STAFF:   Perform a variety of services and recreational functions including housekeeping, cooking, table service, boating, grounds work, "public relations".


  • Ability to be an ambassador for St. Lawrence University 
  • Capable and amicable service worker (experience preferred)
  • Knowledgeable about water sports (experience preferred)
  • Ability to operate well as a team worker
  • Strong work ethic


  • Beautiful setting in the Adirondack Mountains
  • Hard work but lots of time for fun
  • Great people and networking opportunities
  • Decent pay

SLU CONTACT: David Geleta, Office of Dining & Conference Services

1. Complete the online application form by Friday April 1, 2022;

2. Wait to be contacted by Dining and Conference Services concerning interview and staffing decisions.

Application and information packets are also available at the Student Center info desk