Intercultural Living/Learning Community in Kirk Douglas Hall

A St. Lawrence education includes development of critical intercultural skills necessary to make students ready for responsible membership in the global community. 

The Intercultural Living/Learning Community in Kirk Douglas Hall brings together students preparing for or returning from off-campus study to help them explore what it means to be a global citizen, focusing on understanding cultural differences and similarities; the historical, ecological, political, and economic processes affecting the globe; and the rights and responsibilities of each individual as a global citizen.

Cohorts are formed at the beginning of each semester - students live together in Kirk Douglas residence hall and meet weekly to complete academic work for course credit.

In the fall semester, students intending to study off-campus in spring form the living/learning community. During spring semester, the community is formed by students returning from fall off-campus study.

The Intercultural Studies Living/Learning community is an opportunity for students to reflect on off-campus study and to become better informed and engaged global citizens.

Apply to Live in the Intercultural Living/Learning Community for the Fall Semester