Program-specific GPA and academic requirements vary by program.

Admission to off-campus programs is competitive, based on the quality of application and the availability of spaces. Candidates must present a coherent academic rationale for participation in a particular program and a record of academic performance that demonstrates ability to meet the challenges of off-campus study. Students should be aware that the selection committee considers closely the candidate's rationale for participation and academic record as a whole. Candidates for off-campus programs must also present evidence of maturity, responsibility and cultural sensitivity. 

Students currently on disciplinary, social, or academic probation are not eligible to apply for, or participate in, an off-campus program or any other SLU program. In addition, students with outstanding disciplinary fines, service hours and/or education program requirements are not eligible to participate in the program.  Students must be financially cleared through Student Financial Services before they can participate in an off-campus program.  Students may not participate on off-campus programs in sequential semesters. For a variety of reasons, they must return to campus for at least one semester between off-campus study programs. Students may not participate on more than two off-campus programs during their time at St. Lawrence, excluding short-term programs.