More Information About Career Connections

St. Lawrence University recognizes that modern liberal arts programs in the 21st century should demonstrate a pedagogical, financial and institutional commitment to assisting students in developing and articulating the value and purpose of their education.  Consequently, St. Lawrence University has launched the Career Connections Program as a link between the student undergraduate experience and post-college endeavors.  The Career Connections Program helps to coordinate career-related resources, activities, and support already available at SLU, as well as develop new programs, opportunities, and connections for students to leverage their undergraduate academic, co-curricular and work experiences effectively in their professional lives.

As part of these efforts, Career Connections works extensively with a variety of SLU community members, departments and programs, including: faculty, alumni, parents, student life, admissions, academic advising, development, alumni affairs, and career services to provide relevant opportunities and resources to current students to aid them in career exploration, decision-making and pursuing professional interests. 

In addition to existing programs in community-based learning, volunteerism, co-curricular service and leadership, St. Lawrence University is increasing its focus on internships, including integrating career and industry-related internships into the curriculum.  Through the Career Connections Program, the University is working to assist students with articulating the professional skill development and learning that occur as part of those internships.  Additional areas to receive programmatic support and resources as the Career Connections Program develops include: career management skills, career financial assistance, increased access to internship and job opportunities, and guided access to career networks.