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Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Med Program

Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Med Program (PBPMP) at St. Lawrence University

THE PBPMP will not be accepting applications for 2023-2024.


Do you want to change careers to pursue medicine? 

Do you want to enhance your academic record to apply to medical school? 

The Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Med Program (PBPMP) at St. Lawrence University can help you achieve either of these goals! 

  • Students attend courses full-time to complete pre-requisite courses for medical school OR to take further upper level science courses to strengthen their application.  (This program does not grant any degree or certificate upon completion.)
  • Students complete certified nursing assistant (CNA) training at a local facility and work for a minimum of 120 hours to gain clinical experience.
  • Students complete our unique Foundations of Medicine course series that provides MCAT prep and workshops of medical school application materials.

Program Options

Career Changer- 2 academic years; complete ALL pre-requisite courses for medical school application

Enhancer- 10 months; complete upper-level science courses to supplement previous pre-requisite coursework


Applicants must possess:

- A Bachelor’s degree in any field from an accredited US institution

- An overall GPA of 3.2

- Though not required, preference may be given to applicants with shadowing and clinical experience.

- Once matriculated, students must have their own transportation to travel to experiential learning sites.

Required Application Materials

Applicants must apply using the PostBacCAS portal.  Required materials include the following:

- Unofficial transcript verifying their Bachelor’s degree  (An official transcript will be required if applicant is accepted to the program.)

- Current resume

- TWO professional recommendation letters (at least one of these letters must be an academic reference)

- Personal statement describing motivation and rationale for pursuing a career as a physician (1 page typed or 5300 characters)

- Descriptions of relevant experiences (up to 5 experiences may be described; please limit the description of each to 250 words)

(Recommendation letters, personal statement, and experience descriptions will be requested by the main PostBacCAS application, while the transcript and resume are our program-specific materials.)

Admissions Process & Timeline

Application review will occur on a rolling basis from March 1 through May 1.  Applicants who show promise in the screening of application materials will be invited to complete an interview with faculty and staff members of the PBPMP and will learn of the decision on their application within 3 weeks post-interview.  A deposit of $1,000 is due within two weeks of official notification of acceptance.  All acceptance decisions will be made and communicated by June 1st.

Program Cost

Career Changer: $27,000 per academic year  (This program runs for 2 academic years.)

Enhancer: $27,000 for the academic year

Frequently Asked Questions

Can only students interested in medical school attend the PBPMP?

No, students interested in a variety of health careers can be served by the rigorous curriculum offered in the PBPMP.  We encourage students with interests such as physician assistant, physical therapy or dentistry to apply!

Do students earn a degree or certificate upon completing the PBPMP?

No, there is no certificate or degree awarded to students upon their completion of the program.  Students matriculate as “non-degree” students.

Can I enroll in the program part-time? 

No, students are expected to complete a full load of courses at St. Lawrence each semester in order to demonstrate their ability to be successful academically when taking several rigorous science courses at once. 

I have already completed a course listed on the course plan.  Will I need to repeat that course as part of this program?

No, if you have already completed a course and earned a strong grade, you are not required to repeat the course.  You will work with your advisor to determine another course to take instead.  Your unique course plan will be developed upon matriculation to best fit coursework you have already completed and the coursework required for your successful application.

Is financial aid available to students enrolled in the PBPMP?

Generally, there is limited, if any, financial aid available for this type of program.  (In particular, St. Lawrence University does not provide institutional scholarships or aid for this program.)  However, students may inquire about their individual eligibility.

Are students required to complete the clinical experience portion of the PBPMP?

Yes, clinical experience is required and is central to the mission of our PBPMP.  Hands-on experience helps students develop their personal career rationale and provides valuable exposure to the healthcare setting.  The cost of completing this portion of the program is included in the overall tuition cost.

Can I work while completing this program?

Students will attend courses full-time, with all courses being offered during the day.  Students may choose to utilize their earned CNA credential to work per diem at a local facility, but otherwise will not have time sufficient to maintain a full-time or part-time job and be successful in this program.

If I attend the PBPMP at SLU, will I receive a Health Careers Committee letter?

Yes, students who complete their academic curriculum and the required clinical training and work experience are eligible for a committee letter written by our PBPMP advisors.  Students will submit their preliminary application materials and sit for a Health Careers Committee interview with these advisors to help inform the committee letter.

For more information, please contact:

Karin Heckman PhD, RD
Associate Professor of Biology, Acting Coordinator of PBPMP
(315) 229-5137