Catalogue of Photographs in the Art Gallery Permanent Collection

A catalogue of the photographs in the Richard F. Brush Art Gallery permanent collection is available. Below is the table of contents of the volume. If you are interested in purchasing this catalogue, please contact us to make arrangements.


Foreword by the President

Daniel F. Sullivan

Foreword by the Vice-President and Dean of Academic Affairs

Thomas B. Coburn

Director's Introduction: The Poetry and Politics of Juxtaposition

Catherine Tedford

Photographs from the Permanent Collection: Selected Plates

"A Certain but Fugitive Testimony"

Gary D. Sampson

Beyond the Ordinary

Michael E. Hoffman

A Universe in a Fruit Bowl

Mark C. Klett

What Is Photography? Exploring the Question in a Liberal Arts Environment

Thomas W. Southall

The Fictions of Collections

Eloy J. Hernández 

Art Historians and their Photographs

Dorothy Limouze

Photographs in the Curriculum

Carole Mathey

The Contest of Privilege

Bill Gaskins

Jewels, Native Fruits, and Ragged Merchandise

Esther Parada

Photographs from the Permanent Collection: An Illustrated Checklist

The Past as Present: Selected Photographs from the Libraries' Special Collections and University Archives

Mark C. McMurray



Copyright Holders

Board of Trustees