Extended Loans

To fulfill the objectives set forth in the Collection Development Statement, the Gallery will acquire, through extended loan, art objects and artifacts into the University's permanent collection. 

Criteria for extended loans

An art object or artifact may be recommended for extended loan in consultation with the Gallery Director, the Assistant Director, and/or the Development office.

The Gallery will accept objects on extended loan using the criteria outlined in the Acquisitions Policy. 

Transfer of objects

The Gallery will follow the procedures outlined in the Acquisitions Policy for the transfer of objects on extended loan. An extended loan will be maintained until the object's return is requested by the lender. 

Current appraised value of an object on extended loan will be determined by the lender unless other arrangements are made, as approved by the Gallery Director. The lender will notify the Gallery if any change in value occurs and provide a current appraised value. 

Procedures for extended loans

Upon the donation of an object on extended loan, the Gallery will issue an Extended Loan Receipt, a copy of which will be signed by the lender and returned to the Gallery. The receipt will set forth an adequate description of the object and the conditions of transfer, designating extended loan status. 

Maintenance of extended loans

Objects on extended loan will receive the same care as those which are owned by the University. Each extended loan will be assigned an accession number and be properly documented. Records will be permanently maintained by the Assistant Director, and duplicate records will be maintained by the University Campus Support Services. Costs for shipping, shipping insurance, or display of an object on extended loan may be assumed by the University or the lender in conjunction with the University Development office. 

Modification, such as matting and framing, of an object on extended loan requires written consent of the lender. 

If damage should occur to an object on extended loan, the Assistant Director will contact the lender at the earliest possible date. Conservation of the object will not be undertaken without written consent of the lender. 

Approved by the Library and Art Gallery Committee and the Dean of Academic Affairs.