Containment and Quarantine

Updated February 3, 2023

Consistent with updated protocols implemented at many other colleges and universities, COVID-positive students will now have the option to isolate themselves in their residence hall room. If there are roommate concerns, the COVID-positive roommate may move to on-campus isolation housing located in Whitman Hall, on a space-available basis, or isolate off-campus if that is their preference. COVID-negative and COVID-positive roommates must agree to live together. Either roommate may also stay with friends in a different room on campus, but all roommates must agree to live together in this temporary housing arrangement. As is the current practice, isolation meals will be picked up at Dana. 

Information for COVID-negative students in residence with a COVID-positive roommate: 

  • Wear a KN95 or medical-grade mask in the room
  • Get a rapid test at the Health Center as soon as possible. If negative, test again 5 days later or if symptoms develop sooner
  • Continue to go to class, dining, and activities, unless you test positive or develop symptoms

Information for students who are confirmed to be COVID-positive and will isolate in residence hall rooms: 

  • Wear an N95 mask in the room (pick it up when picking up the first meal)
  • Wear a mask when using the bathroom except when brushing your teeth or showering
  • Don’t attend in-person classes or other in-person activities
  • Only leave the room to go to the bathroom, pick up food, or take a walk outside (on the honor system, wearing a mask at all times around others)
  • Students should pick up their meals at Dana Dinning Hall each day

If symptoms get worse, contact the Health Center (315-229-5392) during business hours (M-F, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.) or Safety and Security (315-229-5555).

Meals and Health Support

Students in isolation in designated campus isolation space receive one hot meal, one cold meal, and one continental breakfast, as well as disposable dishware and utensils.

Students in isolation will come to Dana between 3:45 p.m. – 4:15 p.m. each day to pick up that day’s dinner and the next day’s breakfast & lunch along with any other needs (drinks, snacks, napkins, cutlery, etc.) 

The dining hall will be cleaned and sanitized after 4:15pm to prepare for healthy student usage shortly thereafter.

Students are monitored multiple times daily by Student Health Center medical staff. Students requiring hospital care will be transported by Canton Rescue Squad medical personnel.

Students in isolation on campus will be allowed outdoors for a period of time each day.