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Laurentians share a powerful connection to each other. These are the inspiring words & stories that have been shared on the @EveryLaurentian Instagram Account by former and current members of the Alumni Executive Council.

@EveryLaurentian Posts

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Tarrah Price '21 - February 12, 2021

everylaurentian “Among the many invaluable experiences I have had at St. Lawrence, the experiences that I have found to be most impactful are the leadership opportunities. Whether it was serving as a Student Delegate to the Alumni Executive Council, an Orientation Leader, a senior member on the Alpine Ski Team, or a volunteer for Campus Kitchen shifts, each leadership opportunity has given me the confidence to seek out challenges and new opportunities every day. Above all, these experiences have more given me the chance to meet students, faculty, staff, and alumni outside of my direct ‘bubble’ who have continuously supported me on campus. St. Lawrence has helped me to understand the impact one individual can within their community, which fuels my confidence in continuing to make new connections, challenge myself, and lead when pursuing goals beyond St. Lawrence.” -Tarrah Price ’21

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Doug Smith '05 - April 16, 2020

everylaurentian "I'm an Emergency Physician in Connecticut about an hour outside NYC, so we are definitely in the thick of it and treating patients who are very sick with COVID-19. As a former director of SLU EMS and a current member of the Alumni Executive Council, I wear my St. Lawrence lanyard with pride while I'm on shift. I encourage Laurentians to stay home, stay well, and be kind to one another." - Doug Smith '05

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Dylan Woolf '21 - January 27, 2020

everylaurentian “It is certainly an exciting time to be a part of the St. Lawrence hockey program. There is so much young talent on our team and Coach Brekke and his staff have created a promising vision for the program and have made a significant impact since joining our family this season. The alumni support is also something that makes St. Lawrence hockey so special. You always hear about how impressive the St. Lawrence alumni network is, but it is definitely another story to experience it firsthand. The generosity of our alumni, which has made possible the renovations to Appleton, will help us to continue to grow as a program and an institution. To me, this historic moment marks a new beginning and a new direction for the hockey program. It’s special that we will be a part of the team that plays the first men’s game in the new Appleton Arena. With a program that is filled with such rich history and tradition, we look forward to honoring those past traditions, as well as creating our own traditions in this new era of St. Lawrence Hockey.” - Dylan Woolf '21

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Sohel Rana '21 - November 19. 2019

everylaurentian "To me being a leader is more than a job. It is being able to speak for those who don't have the opportunity, and engage where help is needed. Whether it's supporting a fellow Laurentian or building a community that's safe and welcoming for everyone. I love our Laurentian family and I am thrilled to see our Alumni Executive Council’s broad initiatives that focus on the quality of students’ lives and education. Our unique Laurentian support system provides job opportunities, internships, personal and professional mentoring opportunities that help students to thrive on-campus and be successful. Relationships can flourish even if an alumnus is on the other side of the world. Every Laurentian should guide and expand opportunities for every student. As a student delegate to the Alumni Executive Council, I am honored to advocate for the needs of students and represent their voice." -Sohel Rana '21 #EveryLaurentian #StLawrenceU

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Samantha Colton '16 - October 8, 2019

everylaurentian “For me, being a Laurentian is inextricably tied to a sense of family and ultimately home. Growing up, I heard stories from my dad, who was an alumnus, of a place that seemed too good to be true. Now being an alumna myself, I feel the same sense of pride, love, and home that my dad always tried to explain to me. The Laurentian community extends outside the walls of SLU itself. Now living in NYC, I am constantly reminded in the roommates I live with from college, the Laurentian network I come across regularly, and the friends I hold dearly that no matter where I am, SLU will always be the place I call home. St. Lawrence provided me with a variety of great opportunities, many of which were enabled by SLU alumni. For me, it is important to continue the tradition of giving by staying involved in the Laurentian community in whatever way I can, to ensure the next generation of St. Lawrence students have the same opportunities, if not more, than I had. As someone in the communications field, I'm really excited to be a part of the SLU Connect-NYC event to help give students a taste of the different career paths available to them after graduation.” - Samantha Colton ’16

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Jacquie Hasper Kuno '84, P'12, '15, '17 - May 31, 2019

everylaurentian "The people of St. Lawrence are the ‘special sauce’ which makes our University unique among its peer institutions. Whenever I travel, it’s uncanny how often I hear comments from people I meet about why they think St. Lawrence is unique. ‘There’s something special about that school and its people, its alumni, which sets them apart.’ ‘I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love the place, which is very unusual.’ ‘I wish I’d gone there myself.’ ‘SLU people act like they’re in the same family.’ As the mother of three Laurentians, and a Laurentian husband, sister, and son-in-law, too, these exchanges give me great pride, time and again. As we enter a weekend full of reunions on campus, including a celebration of 50 years since Kappa Delta Sigma’s founding, I join the enthusiasm of countless others who are coming home to see friends who truly are more like family. In preparation for this reunion, some sisters and I, including my own daughter, who is also a KDS sister, rallied together to help preserve KDS history by reconstructing composites for future generations to enjoy. So many others volunteered time and resources as well to help move St. Lawrence forward through Reunion preparations. Every Laurentian can lend a hand in some way or another. Does this contribute to the special sauce? Absolutely." - Jacquie Hasper Kuno ’84, P’12, ’15, ’17

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Paige Friedlander '16 - April 20, 2019

everylaurentian "My favorite story happened before I even knew what St. Lawrence was. I grew up spending every summer in Lake Placid at the rink figure skating. The General Manager of the rink, Denny Allen ’77, was a huge part of my time and experiences for those 6 summers. Denny highlighted the importance of community and always encouraged me to try new things. During my freshman year at SLU the men's hockey team was playing Clarkson at the 1980 rink in Lake Placid, it felt like my two worlds were merging and I knew I had to go. I got to the rink early to say hi to my friends who worked there. When I saw Denny, he was surprised to see me at Lake Placid but not there for figure skating. When I explained that I went to St. Lawrence he pointed to his wall and for the first time in 7 years I noticed that the scarlet and brown pennant I had stared at for years was the same emblem of the place I now called home. Denny and I shared a lot of memories together at Lake Placid but I'll never forget that day when we were able to share our experiences from campus too. Denny showed me how to build a community and home in a skating rink and thanks to him I got to do the same thing at St. Lawrence." - Paige Friedlander ’16

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Ali Price '19 - April 14, 2019

everylaurentian “During my time at St. Lawrence I’ve discovered how important it is to live in the present - to invest time in developing genuine relationships with the people around me, to seek out opportunities that will help me further grow, and to follow my heart even if it means walking off the beaten path. Living in the present has helped me develop a curiosity for the world, a curiosity that lead me to study and work abroad in Israel, Norway, and China-places I never imagined traveling to. Without St. Lawrence and the people connected to this institution, I don’t think I would have made this discovery until much later in my life. So, thank you St. Lawrence. I will be sure to bring this perspective with me into my life post-graduation ensuring that I am always taking the time to appreciate life’s smallest treasures and embrace all that is around me.” - Ali Price ’19

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Ed Forbes '02 - February 1, 2019

everylaurentian  “One day last summer, during a visit to my wife's family's place on the St. Lawrence River, I drove my older daughter over to Canton to take a walk on campus. Caroline, then 4 and now 5, loves visiting the University and loves exploring its nooks, its trees and its lawns. The morning we visited was a perfect July idyll in the North Country — not too hot, clear and abundantly sunny. As we walked from Vilas up to the High Road, Caroline asked to go into the Chapel. We did. She was particularly taken with the Judson Window on the Chapel's north side. We climbed up to the loft so she could get a better look at it. After a minute of looking up at the window's many great depictions of Laurentian life, Caroline turned to me and, matter-of-factly, she said, 'Dad, St. Lawrence is where you can always come home.’ I was stunned. Caroline came to that Laurentian conclusion all on her own. I swelled with pride. At 4 years old, my daughter distilled the fundamental fact of our community. You can always come home. That's the substance of our community. There's always a warm welcome in Canton and the people in our St. Lawrence world are among the best friends and family any of us could ever ask for. St. Lawrence, to me, is committed to the idea that every Laurentian belongs.” - Ed Forbes ’02