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Dan & Sarah Kay with their daughter Zoe Ziegler

The Mission 

The mission of the St. Lawrence University Parents Committee is to help identify and put to best use the considerable talents and resources of St. Lawrence parents for the benefit of our students' education, and to provide committee members with opportunities to learn more about the people, programs, and plans of their children's school.

A message from Chad Tessier, Director of Parent Leadership Giving

Welcome and congratulations to you and your student on becoming members of the Laurentian community. We sincerely appreciate you entrusting St. Lawrence with your student’s education. As they learn, our students also develop the professional and social skills that prepare them for a successful future after graduation. Parents like you are vital to this growth.

The St. Lawrence Parents Committee provides an opportunity for parents to know more about this place, its people, and programs. Members play meaningful roles in our students’ on- and off-campus experiences. They volunteer for opportunities that interest them and support the University with their time, talents, and philanthropic support. I invite you to join us on the Parents Committee and become involved members of the Laurentian community.


Chad Tessier '93, M'04, P'18

Messages from our Co-Chairs:

Liz & Jed Hogan P'22

As non-alumni parents, joining the St. Lawrence Parents Committee has given us new friends and enhanced our ties to the St. Lawrence community. It also provided us with a bird’s eye view of the different areas of the school, including those our daughter has not been as closely involved with. Through the committee, we’ve learned about the University’s strategic plans and new programs as they unfold. We really love the interaction with faculty, parents and other students that we wouldn’t have otherwise. It has been an honor to be part of the Parent’s Committee.

Liz and Jed Hogan P’22
Parents Committee Co-Chairs

Garz and Lisa Soule P'22

Joining the Parents Committee has given us a window into the amazing education and special community that awaits St. Lawrence students. It’s a way to engage with faculty and staff and support the school on a personal level. Having this connection to St. Lawrence has given us a greater understanding of the intricacies of the University and has been a wonderful way for us to meet other parents.

Garz & Lisa Soule P’22
Parents Committee Co-Chairs


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Chad Tessier

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