Academic Probation and Recovery

Academic Probation

Students will be placed on academic probation if they fail to meet satisfactory levels of performance in cumulative GPA, semester GPA, or major GPA:

  • Cumulative GPA: Students whose cumulative GPA falls between 1.5 and 1.99 (1-4 completed terms at SLU), 1.75 and 1.99 (5-7 completed terms at SLU, transfers in first semester at SLU), or below 2.0 (8-10 completed terms at SLU) will be placed on academic probation
  • Semester GPA: Students with a semester GPA below 1.75 will be placed on academic probation
  • Major GPA: Students whose major GPA falls below 2.0 will be placed on academic probation

For the complete policy, please see the "Guidelines for Probation" section of the most current University Catalog.

Academic Recovery

Students placed on academic probation have two semesters to clear this status, demonstrating continued improvement during the probationary period. Each student is required to develop a plan for academic recovery. As part of this plan for academic recovery, the student must

  • Meet with his/her academic advisor
  • Meet regularly with the Coordinator of Academic Development. Sessions to include:
    • Discussing the requirements of probation
    • Goal Setting
    • Calculating GPA needed to clear probation
    • Academic Planning
    • Time Management
    • Academic Skills
  • Obtain a semester GPA above 2.0 each semester on probation
  • (If on major probation) Meet with major department chair regarding probationary status in the major

The student may also be required to meet with Associate Dean for Academic Advising Programs