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'USA Today' Runs Gov't Prof's Op-Ed on Democratic Party

Alan Draper, Michael W. Ranger '80 & Virginia R. Ranger P'17 Professor of Government, wrote an opinion article that was featured in USA Today on Feb. 20.

His article, titled "The Obamas showed Democrats how to bridge the race gap between left and center voters," discusses how the widening divide over racial issues makes building majority coalitions harder.

"The ideological trajectory of the Democratic left, however, is at odds with the need for Democratic candidates to build coalitions that can win elections," Draper wrote. "The leftward drift of progressives could be justified as an appropriate response to Trump’s reactionary policies, but it also pushes them further from the values held by most Americans."

Draper argues that the Obamas showed a path forward for the party, advocating for policies that are neutral with regards to race but that target their benefits disproportionately to blacks and other minorities. 

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