Two SLU Fraternities Earn Campus Housing for 2015 | St. Lawrence University

Two SLU Fraternities Earn Campus Housing for 2015

Two St. Lawrence University fraternities that once had their charters revoked and housing rescinded will once again have campus housing allocations in 2015.

Beta Theta Pi, often referred to as just Beta, will once again occupy 25 College starting with the 2015-16 academic year. For the last two years, a small number of Beta brothers had occupied 72 Park Street. Meanwhile, Alpha Tao Omega, or ATO, will get to occupy 72 Park Street next year.

Christopher Marquart, assistant dean of student life and director of Residential Life and Housing, said both fraternities had put together strong housing applications and had worked closely with the Residence Life staff over the last couple of years to improve their standing. However, their housing will remain conditional.

“Both Beta and ATO will need to work with their membership to continue portraying a positive image on campus,” he said. “A team consisting of residence life, student life and campus security is developing a list of guidelines and expectations that will evaluate things like who is living in the house, what type of social events are they hosting, are the being good neighbors, and so on.”

Beta and ATO are two national fraternities with chapters at St. Lawrence University that date back to the late 1800s. However, due to a number of infractions in the mid-2000s, both fraternities were placed on campus probation, had their national charters revoked and lost their campus housing assignments. Since then, the two fraternal organizations have worked to remove themselves from campus probation and have had their national charters reinstated.

Laura Lavoie, assistant director of student activities and leadership who advises Greek Life, said the onus of maintaining a positive standing on campus remains squarely on the student members themselves.

“We have told the fraternities that it is their responsibility to report any issues on their own, even if it’s something that’s happening during one of their sponsored events,” she said.

Lavoie said despite what might be happening on a national level, each case of campus housing and Greek Life is looked at and determined locally.

“We’re trying to look at Greek Life – and all housing issues for that matter – on an individual basis,” she said. “We’re evaluating what they’ve done themselves here locally, not what’s happening with Greek Life nationally. We look for good behavior and how they take care of their housing, which are the same criteria that is used to evaluate any other campus group that is applying for theme housing."