Top 10 St. Lawrence News Articles of 2013-14

From a fire to firsts, the 2013-14 academic year at St. Lawrence University has been an eventful nine months.

Gunnison Memorial Chapel suffered a fire that left the building closed for most of the academic year, forcing time-honored events such as the Candlelight Service and Moving-Up Day to new locations for the first time in decades. Despite this setback, St. Lawrence continued to excel in national rankings, earning top marks for its academic quality – and even its food.

St. Lawrence held its first Digital Identity Education Week, which taught students about what it means to be a responsible “digital citizen” and even brought ESPN sportscaster John Buccigross to campus. And the St. Lawrence students, with their broad liberal arts background and knowledge, continued to demonstrate their talents as researchers, business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Following are the top 10 most-read web stories of 2013-14:

#1: St. Lawrence Chapel Steeple Falls After Sunday Fire

#2: St. Lawrence Ranked Among Best Liberal Arts Colleges

#3: Musician, Rabbi, Former SLU Board Leader to be Honored

#4: St. Lawrence Receives Bequest of Nearly $1 Million

#5: Investment Club Stuns National Conference Event

#6: ‘We’ll Never Be Rested’ Strikes a Chord with New Parents

#7: Digital Identities Will Be Focus of ‘Saints Go Social’ Week

#8: First-Year Student Decides to Tie One On

#9: 'I'll Be Home For Christmas' Composer Left Lasting Gift

#10: Campus Food Some of the Best in the Nation