'Time' Article Profiles St. Lawrence's Adirondack Semester

A March 30, 2015, Time magazine article, titled "The Elite Squeeze" by Frank Bruni, discusses that while gaining entry into elite universities is harder than ever, a great education can still be found at superior institutions of higher education. The article singled out St. Lawrence University.

The full text regarding St. Lawrence read as follows:

"Did you know that there’s a New York school with a dormitory of yurts? Yes, yurts, those cylindrical Mongolian tents. The school is St. Lawrence University, in the upstate town of Canton, and I’m stretching by using the word dormitory, but not by much. St. Lawrence offers a program every fall called the Adirondack Semester, and it’s for a small group ofstudents who elect to live in a yurt village in Adirondack Park, about an hour’s drive from the campus. There’s a lake and a thick canopy of pine trees, but no wireless. No electricity. No Chipotle. The students learn survival skills and make their own meals, largely with provisions from a nearby farm. And as they adapt to the wilderness, they contemplate its meaning and man’s stewardship of it through a menu of courses on such topics as environmental philosophy and nature writing."

Time is a paid subscription, however it can be accessed through the ODY Library journal database while on campus.