Students Reduce Energy Usage to Win Negawatt Challenge

St. Lawrence University students recently won their first ever New York Negawatt Challenge, the third annual electricity reduction competition between members of the New York Six liberal arts consortium.

The competition took place from Feb. 14 to March 7. The goal was to reduce electricity consumption in all student residences. In addition to St. Lawrence, the NY6 include Skidmore, Hamilton, and Hobart and Williams Smith and Union colleges as well as Colgate University.

St. Lawrence won the overall competition with a 3.3 percent reduction in its electricity usage in student residences, saving 5,911 kWh in three weeks.

“We were neck and neck with Hamilton throughout most of the challenge,” said Jeffrey Mogavero ’16 of Havertown, Penn., co-president of the University’s Environmental Action Organization (EAO). “I guess we got the word out in order to beat the competition.”

EAO put up fliers for the Negawatt Challenge, went to each residence and theme house, and used Instagram to spread the word across campus.

The winning residence was 13 University, with an 11.6 percent reduction for a total of 453 kWh saved. The winning theme house was the Outing Club, located at 58 Park Avenue, with an 18.8 percent reduction for a total of 366 kWh saved. The results were measured over the baseline period collected the two weeks before the competition began in student residences, including on-campus residence halls, townhouses and theme houses.

“If nothing more, it makes people more conscious of their electrical consumption,” Jeffrey said. “It was great to see so many people really get into it, and it sort of helped create a sense of school pride.”

All students in winning residences received a pub cookie and, of course, bragging rights.

More information can be found on St. Lawrence’s Green Pages at

EAO Selling Water Bottles

St. Lawrence University's Environmental Action Organization will be selling reusable water bottles in the Sullivan Student Center from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday, April 8, to Thursday, April 10. EAO will also be giving out stickers, posters and asking students to pledge their commitment to not drinking from disposable water bottles.

Last fall, EAO received a grant from the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute to support the group's efforts to draw awareness and to help reduce the number of disposable plastic water bottles used across campus.

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