Students Present at Regional Math Conference | St. Lawrence University

Students Present at Regional Math Conference

Cummings Professor of Mathematics Patti Frazier Lock and Burry Professor of Statistics Robin Lock took 13 students to the Mathematical Association of America’s Seaway Section Spring Meeting from April 5 to 6 at St. John Fisher College in Rochester.

Nine of the students delivered talks:

  • Travis Marnell, “How Math is Solving the Issue of Gerrymandering,” Basil 209.
  • Francisco Rodriguez-Tineo, “Prison Gerrymandering,” Basil 208.
  • Xizhao (Amber) Liu, “Robinson or Doyle? Authorship attribution,” Basil 209.
  • Nicholas Lynn, “How to Pick a Winner,” Basil 205.
  • Cameron Dehais, “Nickelodeon Fan Polls under Various Voting Methods,” Basil 206.
  • Seongwon (Ryan) Im, “Are There Racist Soccer Referees,” Basil 205.
  • Connor Fulk, “Racial Bias in US Prison Sentencing,” Basil 206.
  • Eliza Oliver, “Using the Prisoner’s Dilemma to Understand Prejudice,” Basil 205.
  • Emily Viehl, “Creating a Content Based Book Recommendation System,” Basil 209.

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