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St. Lawrence Welcomes International Students to Class of 2022

St. Lawrence University welcomes 59 new international students representing 30 nations to the Class of 2022.

William Waller ’22 of Lincoln, England, learned about St. Lawrence at a U.S. college fair held in the United Kingdom, where he met Executive Director International Admissions Musa Khalidi.

“I must have emailed Musa a dozen times, and he always had a quick response and was friendly,” said Waller, who wanted to attend a liberal arts college where he could explore various academic options. “I figured everyone at St. Lawrence must be that way, and from what I’ve seen they are.”

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This year’s class also includes 13 students who graduated from United World College (UWC) international schools. St. Lawrence currently enrolls about 60 UWC Scholars – one of the highest number in New York State – who receive financial support from the Davis UWC Scholars Program. The program is the largest international, undergraduate scholarship program in the world.

Daniil Kim ’22 of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia, a UWC graduate, said he had heard about St. Lawrence from another UWC student who currently attends.

“They talked about the school’s natural setting, which seemed really appealing to me,” Kim said,
“and that the University offered financial support for international students.”

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In March, St. Lawrence received NAFSA’s 2018 Senator Paul Simon Award for Comprehensive Internationalization, which distinguishes excellence in integrating international education throughout all facets of university. International students comprise 9 percent of this year’s incoming class and approximately the same percentage of the overall student body. Canada and China round up to top two countries with the most students represented at St. Lawrence with 12 each.

St. Lawrence also established the Global Gateways program in 2016, which aims to foster deeper connections between international and North American students both in and out of the classroom. Supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Global Gateways provides a summer immersion program for first-year international students and an ambassador program with first-year domestic students.

Zhang (Tom) Siyuan ’22 of Bejing, China, took part in the Global Gateways two-week program, which took place from Aug. 4 to 21. Siyuan explained that in addition to learning about the U.S. higher education model, students visited nearby places such as the Thousand Islands and the Adirondacks.

“I did a year of high school in Wisconsin, and knew I wanted to attend a liberal arts college in the U.S.,” he said. “I found St. Lawrence online and it was exactly the kind of school I was looking for.”

International students at St. Lawrence are involved in a wide variety of campus activities, including student government, clubs and organizations. Students may live in I-House, the international student floor in Sykes Residence Hall. There are also a number of campus organizations that celebrate cultural diversity, including the Africa Student Union, Islamic Culture Club and the Asian Students Intercultural Organization, among others.

St. Lawrence also offers the Host Family Connections Program, which helps connect international students to interested members of the community who will support the students’ experience and who will appreciate the opportunity for cultural exchange. 

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Linh Do, a second-year student originally from Hanoi, Vietnam, summed up the attraction of St. Lawrence to many international students.

“St. Lawrence is known to be a top liberal arts college that is very safe,” said Linh, who worked as an international student orientation leader. “It’s someplace that you know you can always talk to your professor, and that classes are small. That’s very appealing to many students.”

Visit International Student Services for more information about the international student experiences at the St. Lawrence.