St. Lawrence Receives Grant for Library Enhancement

CANTON — A recently awarded grant will help St. Lawrence University redesign existing study and instructional spaces into dynamic learning environments for collaboration, study and research.

St. Lawrence received a $160,000 grant from the George I. Alden Trust to support the University’s libraries continued evolution into a destination that allows for traditional research and study while increasing access to emerging technologies and digital scholarship. Specifically, the grant will support upgrades to existing group study rooms and classrooms in the Owen D. Young Library (ODY) to optimize and enhance student group learning experiences.

"We are thrilled that the Alden Trust is supporting our vision to ensure that the library is meeting the 21st century needs of our students and faculty,” said Justin Sipher, vice president for libraries and information technology. “We take great pride in the resources we have, the services we offer, and the spaces our community uses for research, teaching and study."

The project will enhance students' academic experiences and reaffirm the role of ODY as a critical space for learning.

According to the grant proposal, colleges and universities must address the challenge of preparing students to communicate effectively and responsibly, as technology becomes more important in the role of student learning. In addition, librarians and technologists will continue to play a central role assisting students as they make use of library resources and services.

Like other academic libraries, the St. Lawrence University libraries partner with faculty and academic support personnel in educating students, achieving our academic mission, and contributing to our assessment and continuous improvement efforts.

Renovations to ODY could begin as early as this summer.