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St. Lawrence Celebrates Moving-Up Day, ODK Tapping

St. Lawrence University continued its traditional Moving-Up Day Academic Awards and the Omicron Delta Kappa “Tapping” ceremonies on Saturday, April 28, in Gunnison Memorial Chapel and in front of Richardson Hall.

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Moving-Up Day celebrates student achievements in academics and co-curricular activities. It is a campus tradition dating from 1869, when it began as “Tree Holiday,” so declared by then-President Richard Fisk. Fisk decreed a spring day off from classes to allow students and faculty to transplant trees from nearby woods to the then nearly barren campus. Many of the trees still stand in the Herring-Cole Grove, or as students affectionately refer to it as “The Enchanted Forest.”

In more recent times, the day has evolved into an occasion for recognition of student achievements and a symbolic “moving-up” of students to pews in Gunnison Memorial Chapel vacated by students a year ahead of them. The ritual is followed immediately by a ceremony “tapping” new members of Omicron Delta Kappa, the leadership honor society.

Academic Department Awards


Franz Boas Award: Ian Girdwood `18

Margaret Mead Award: Caroline G. McCarthy `18

Richard J. Perry Award: Haley A. Gregorich `19

Art and Art History

Frederic Remington Prize in Art and Art History: Andrew P. Hale `19; Andy M. Ostler `19; Hannah E. Owh `19; Nicholas S. Trace `19

Jeanne Scribner Cashin Art and Art History Prize: Lydia L. Bouricius `18; Ryan Davis `18; Rachel K. Starr `18

Clayton V. Fowler Art History Writing Awards: Caroline L. Metzger `18

Biology and Pre-Medicine

Beta Beta Beta Outstanding Senior Biology Majors Award: Brett R. Barnes `18; Sydney C. Henegan `18

Edward and Gertrude Warner Memorial Award: Sydney E. Chatfield `19; Colin W. Hart `19

Crowell Summer Award in Field Biology: Kaitlin M. Songer `19

Caribbean, Latin American and Latino Studies

Excellence Award: Steven F. Valverde Porras `19

Excellence in Service Award: Janis D. Broder `20


Clarke L. Gage Prize:

  • Research: Kelsey R. Murphy `18
  • Teaching: Anne K. Buck `18

Northern New York American Chemical Society Outstanding Senior Award: Danielle J. Couture `18

Community-Based Learning

Excellence in Community-Based Learning Scholarship Awards:

  • FYP: Lauren K. Cahalan `21; Paige E. Kerkhoff `21
  • Non-FYP: Olivia M. Raynard `19


Consler Business Leadership Award: Samantha L. Taillon `18

John W. Hannon Jr. Honor Award: Isaac E.H. Lewis `18

Department of Economics Outstanding Research Project Award: Hannah E. Merriam `18

Lauren V. Clute Memorial Award for Economics: Dillon M. Fitzpatrick `18

David Richardson Scholarship: Sarah E. Moon `19


Douglas and Sylvia Angus Creative Writing Award: John M. Christensen `18

Douglas and Sylvia Angus Literature Award: Hannah E. Kingsley `18

James Ligon Price III Memorial Award in Poetry:

  • 1st: Peter C. Eckhardt `20
  • 2nd: Cait E. O'Connor `19
  • 3rd: Cait E. O'Connor `19

Lotus A. Ingalls Memorial Journalism Award: Daniel J. Banta `18

Alexander Black Medals: Claire O. Mendes `18; Caroline L. Metzger `18

Conslor Teaching Award: Morgan B. Brashear `19

Gender and Sexuality Studies

Don Makosky Award: Lydia I. Kenney `18

Writing Award: Cheyenne K. McQuain `20


Harry Reiff Junior Government Major Scholarship Award: Amanda S. Dupuis `19

Carl W. Chilson Senior Government Award: Christopher A. Rich `18

Robert N. Wells Jr. Scholarship Fund: Tanner J. McCaskie `20

Bernard J. Lammers Award: Isaac H. Gingras `18

Professor J. Ansil Ramsay Award: James M. Lehner `20; Nicole E. Navarrete `19


Harry Reiff  Junior History Major Award: Gretchen E. Brooker `19

William D. Mallam Senior History Major Award: Daniel J. Banta `18; Kathryn G. Wilson `18

Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

Dr. O. Kenneth Bates Prize for Mathematics: Yue Yang`18; Yuxi Zhang`18

Pi Mu Epsilon Award: Gabrielle L. Collins`20; Thomas P. Kernan`20; Mitsuaki Maruta`21; Kira N. Murphy`20; Jack E. Pattison`20

Modern Languages & Literatures

Outstanding Student Prize:

  • Arabic: Ivy A. Raines`18
  • Chinese: Amelia T. Adams`20; Abigail L. Shelhamer`18
  • ESOL: Yanfei Mao`21; Margeunsol Yang`21
  • German: Devin Strynkowski`18
  • Italian: Dana M. Congelosi`20
  • Swahili: Eliza J. Maher`20

Writing Prize:

  • French: Abigail L. Shelhamer`18
  • Hispanic Studies: Gabrielle V. Smith`18

Outstanding Media Project:

  • Swahili: Eliza J. Maher`20;
  • French: Sonja E. Jensen`19; Sophie L. Lehmann `20

Outstanding Senior Multi-Language Major: Abigail L. Shelhamer`18


J. Kenneth Munson Award: Emma C. Greenough`18; Christopher Nsereko Lule `18

J. Richard Gilbert Memorial Award: Bjarne T. Nielsen`19

Norman D. and Alice S. Hessert Award: Matthew S. Bitzer`19

Chloe Stearns Gaines Award: Lewis R. Fragoso `18

Charles Ives Society Award: Tyler M. Guido `18

Performance and Communications Arts

Kirk Douglas Drama Award: Amanda J. Kennedy `18; Genevieve Shorter `18    

Joan M. Fuzak Drama Award: Jillian A. Andrews `18; Louise V. Holdridge `18

Minogue Rhetoric and Communication Studies Award: Grace G. King `18; Hyung Seon Kim `18


Kathryn Fraser Mackay Endowed Prize in Philosophy: Poonam Sidhu `18; Kelly E. Wendt `18


Howard C. Fay Memorial Award: Claire S. Albrecht `18

Mary Reklis Award: Caleb Clarke `20

Donald C. Peckham Award: Zeyu Lu `19


James H.L. Roach Award: Alycia M. Nicholson `18

Peter A. Silverhart '79 Memorial Award: Sarah A. Heywood `18

Susan Beucher Cady '78 Prize: Sarah A. Heywood `18

Judith Mearig Memorial Prize in Psychology: Kaelyn L. Kohlasch `18

Religious Studies

Kathryn Fraser Mackay Endowed Prize in Religious Studies: Isis A. Flores `19


Outstanding Senior Major: Laura K. Finley `18; Hannah Miller `18

Excellence in Research and Scholarship: Maia L. Furnari `18; Maize E. Rosenheimer `18

Outstanding Sociology-Environmental Studies Combined Senior Major: Elise M. Haan`18; John C. Robbins `18

Scholarship Awards

Charbern Fund Scholarship: 

  • Economics: Kendal A. Smith `19
  • English: Sarah N. Campbell `19

Class of 1934 Scholarship: 

  • Chemistry: David C. Bain `19
  • Economics: Eliza V. Oliver `19
  • English: Nicole J. Kubishta `19
  • History: Sydney S. Mitchell `19; Olivia I. Zachman `19

Corolyn Susan Conkey Scholarship: London O. Bernier `20; Emma K. Whalen `20

Priest Scholarship Prize: Brendan J. Reilly `20

Linda Reeves Pettit Endowed Merit Scholarship: Sophie L. Lehmann `20; Tanner J. McCaskie `20; Oliver E. Smith `19; Sarah E. Yablonski `19

Special Awards

HEOP Academic Excellence Award: Tanveer Kalo `18

ODK Leader of the Year: Nevaan M. Perera `18

ODK Outstanding Sophomore Award: Shanice H. Arlow `20; Vivian C. Susko `20

Presidential Diversity Scholar Awards: Danielle A. Anjeh `21; Julian T. d'Almeida Santos `20; Lillian M. Devereux `19; Kaelyn L. Kohlasch `18

Tanner Fellowship Award: John M. Christensen `18 ; Ian Erlichman `20 ; Rachel S. Madore `19; Hannah R. Markey `19; Katherine A. Palmer `19; Samuel R. Schwarz `20; Vivian C. Susko `20; Nicholas S. Trace `19

Douglas M. Brown Alumni Association Senior Award: Kaelyn L. Kohlasch `18; Marco Li Calzi `18

Phi Beta Kappa Lambda Chapter Induction

  • Isaac E.H. Lewis `18
  • Victoria E. Friend `18
  • Yuxi Zhang `18
  • Joowon Ma `18
  • Yue Yang `18
  • Masha S. Kolesnikova `18
  • Amanda J. Gellis `18
  • Tyler M. Guido `18
  • Corinne J. Jacobsen `18
  • Danielle J. Couture `18
  • Eliza D. Koso `18
  • Sarah A. Heywood `18
  • Travis J. Hamre `18
  • Emma C. Greenough `18
  • Megan R. Kellogg `18
  • Rachel C. Boghosian `18
  • Natasha Tusiime Turyasingura `18
  • Christopher A. Rich `18
  • Jacqueline A. Sovie `18
  • Daniel J. Banta `18
  • Hannah E. Merriam `18
  • Anna L. Izzo `18
  • Samantha L. Taillon `18
  • Grace G. King `18
  • Kaelyn L. Kohlasch `18
  • John R. St. Denny `18
  • Maya E. Williams `18
  • Yihuan Lai `18
  • Ian Girdwood `18
  • Claire S. Albrecht `18
  • Margaret G. Kelly `18
  • Margaret S. Musser `18
  • Megan E. Perkins `18
  • Kaleigh A. White `18
  • Elizaveta Dyatko `18
  • Brett R. Barnes `18
  • Isaac H. Gingras `18
  • Maxwell E. Smith `18
  • Natalie H. Squillace `18
  • Bieke D. Bekker `18

Omicron Delta Kappa

  • Katherine B. Angus `20
  • Carlos Arriaga Serrano `19
  • Dylan J. Babcock `19
  • Sydney M. Baker `20
  • Rachel C. Boghosian `18
  • Emma H. Brandt `20
  • Dana M. Congelosi `20
  • Kaylee M. Converse `20
  • Joshua H. Elmer `20
  • Jennifer M. Evans `19
  • Jordan E. Flanagan `20
  • Alyssa M. Forte `19
  • Maia L. Furnari `18
  • Shaina M. Gormley `20
  • Kalie A. Grant `20
  • Barrise N. Griffin `18
  • Abbie J. Hale `19
  • Allison Herdje `20
  • Natalie B. Herwood `20
  • Christian A. Jennette `19
  • Hannah S. Jones `19
  • Brooke F. Kelly `20
  • June F. Kiely `20
  • Shyanne R. Laubscher `19
  • Lindsay R. Lembo `20
  • Leah P. Livernois `20
  • Torri R. Lonergan `20
  • Eliza J. Maher `20
  • Natalie B. Meagher `20
  • Alexx H. Nawrocki `20
  • Alexandra M. Nicoletti `19
  • Victoria M. O'Heir `20
  • Andy M. Ostler `19
  • Alexandra M. Perlow `19
  • Robin A.M.J. Pocornie `18
  • Annabella L. Pugliese `20
  • John A. Quinn `18
  • Allison J. Reiner `20
  • Samantha E. Sambrook `20
  • Emily T. Sullivan `19
  • Vivian C. Susko `20
  • Mougheis Umar `20
  • Lauren J. Weeks `18
  • Riley E. Whitney `20
  • Yu Ting Zheng `20