St. Lawrence’s Office of Admissions Selects Summer Interns

Six exceptional St. Lawrence University students have been selected to work as Summer Admissions Interns for 2014.

The internship is a highly selective and coveted position on campus, allowing students to expand their professional work experiences, conduct analytical research for the Office of Admissions and showoff their campus pride to prospective students.

“I love giving tours. I look forward to giving tours every morning when I wake up," said Ally Friedman ’15 of Bellevue, Washington. "I’ll be leaving St. Lawrence in less than a year, and I want to soak up as much as this environment as possible for as long as I’m still here.”

The Admissions Summer Internship position is an intensive 10-week appointment, where students work 40 hours a week, including several Saturdays during the summer. The interns were chosen from a competitive field of candidates, who completed an extensive application process, including multi-stage interviews. Students lead tours for prospective students and their families as well as work on administrative projects for Admissions.

Wilson Mazimba ’15 of Lusaka, Zambia, will be working directly with Jeff Rickey, vice president and dean for admissions and financial aid, and performing a data analysis of athletic admissions.

“I’m going to be looking for reasons why student athletes choose to come to St. Lawrence, and I’ll look for strategies we can employ to get more athletes to come to St. Lawrence,” Wilson said. “I wanted to be an Admissions Intern for the work experience and the chance to work in a professional environment. It’s going to be a great experience working with Jeff and the (admissions) counselors.”

All of the interns will be conducting a specified data analysis project for the Office of Admissions. Sean Coleman ’15 of Bristol, New Hampshire, will be doing an analysis of early admission decisions, while Maureen Pellerin ’15 of Saranac, New York, will be analyzing social media practices for Admissions. Meanwhile, Ally and Megan McGregor ’15 of Durham, New Hampshire, will be reviewing and updating a PowerPoint presentation given to prospective students and their families during campus tours.

One of the tasks for the Admissions Interns is to handwrite letters to prospective students who took a campus tour over the summer. Elizabeth Bastien ’15 of Canton, New York, will be analyzing the interns’ own successes as tour guides by determining how many of those visits lead to future St. Lawrence students.

With the enthusiasm Elizabeth brings with her, turning down an offer to attend St. Lawrence might be rather difficult.

“I had such a positive experience at St. Lawrence and I want to share that experience with prospective students who visit,” she said. “There is such an amazing sense of community between students and faculty, and, because of that, I think anyone can do whatever they want to do here.”