Spanish Semester Program Host to Visit Campus

By Emma Cummings-Krueger '16

After years of hosting students at the University of Madrid, Nicanor Gómez-Villegas, director of El Colegio Mayor Isabel de España, St. Lawrence University’s host institution in Spain, will visit the campus from Monday, Oct. 19, to Thursday, Oct. 22.

While at St. Lawrence, Gómez-Villegas will present “The European Colleges and the Spanish ‘Colegio Mayor’” on Wednesday, Oct. 21 at 4:30 p.m. in Richardson Hall, room 15. This lecture will aim to contextualize the Spanish Celegio Mayor within history and examine its role in establishing current Spanish and European University traditions. In many ways, European universities and colleges from the Middle Ages are present the “New World,” with impacts that Gómez-Villegas intends to explore during his presentation.

Gómez-Villegas is a scholar of early Constantinople history, with his Ph.D. in geography and history from the University Cantabria. He is the co-editor of a book, Un viaje de ida y vuelta. La edición española e iberoamericana, and the author of several other chapters and articles in the fields of history and theology. He speaks six languages, including Italian, French, German and classical Greek.

In addition to his scheduled lecture, Gómez plans on general outreach with students and faculty regarding opportunities and research on the Spain semester program.

For further details regarding Gómez-Villegas’s visit, contact Karl Schonberg or Martha Chew Sanchez. Visit the Department of Modern Languages or the Center for Intercultural and International Studies.