SLUFunk to Perform “I Will Survive” Study Break Concert

History 112, better known as SLUFunk, is a class and student ensemble that seeks to better understand the R&B, Soul, and Funk music of the 50s-present by playing the music and learning about its historical context.

The ensemble will perform “I Will Survive” Study Break Concert” at 7 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 11, in Launders Underground (Noble Center 001), featuring music that reinforces the ability to endure anxieties about the moment we live in and the particular stresses of the end of the semester. 

Featured songs will include, “I Will Survive,” originally by Gloria Gaynor, but also “At Last,” by Etta James, “Move on Up” by Curtis Mayfield, “Games People Play,” by the Spinners, “Think,” by Aretha Franklin, and more. 

“We call it a “Study Break Concert” because it will be short and sweet,” said Larry Boyette, a First-Year Program lecturer. “We are only playing our new tunes for the semester, not our full set list, and we will provide cookies and cider.”

For more information, contact the Department of Music at 315-229-5166.