Retirements, 25-Year Anniversaries Celebrated

St. Lawrence University recognized retirements and celebrated employee anniversaries at a ceremony held Wednesday, April 19, in Sykes Common Room. President William L. Fox ’75 and Lynn Smith Fox recognized those retiring and employees celebrating 25 years of service.

Retiring Faculty

Michael R. Greenwald, Religious Studies

Michael Greenwald’s career as associate professor of religious studies has included an eclectic mix of teaching and learning. While at St. Lawrence, Greenwald has taught 29 different courses under the auspices of three different departments. He also has a distinguished career of service to St. Lawrence on numerous committees and in faculty governance, including serving as chair of the Department of Religious Studies, presiding officer of Faculty Council, 24 years running the St. Lawrence University Seder, directing the London Program, serving as a Siegel Lecture Committee member since its inception and published on the history of the New Testament Canon. Greenwald earned his bachelor’s degree in astronomy from the University of Pennsylvania in 1970. He attended Hebrew Union College, where he earned a master’s degree in Hebrew Letters in 1973 and was ordained a rabbi in 1975. He finished his formal education at Boston University with a Ph.D. in New Testament and Christian Origins in 1989, the same year that he joined the St. Lawrence faculty.

David E. Hornung, Biology

David Hornung, Charles A. Dana Professor of Biology, joined the St. Lawrence faculty in 1969 where he has been the long-standing chair of the Health Careers Committee. At various times he has served on the Professional Standard Committee and Faculty Council. Hornung has also served as the chair of the Department of Biology and the director of international education. His work on the chemical senses has been published in Nature, Chemical Senses and The Journal of General Physiology. Hornung has served as a delegate for organizations like the European Rheological Society and has presented his work in Europe, Africa, Japan Australia and the United States. He has sponsored numerous student research projects, many of which resulted in presentations at national meetings. Hornung has given a Piskor Lecture, received certificates of recognition from the University of Copenhagen and the Keene Award. He has taken students to China and has studied healing traditions in many countries. Hornung received a PhD. from the State University of New York Upstate Medical Center in 1975.

Hornung has been a Board member at Hospice and Claxton Hepburn Hospital and the St. Lawrence County ethics board.

Steven G. Horwitz, Economics

Steven Horwitz, Charles A. Dana Professor of Economics is the author of three books, Hayek's Modern Family:Classical Liberalism and the Evolution of Social Institutions (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015), Microfoundations and Macroeconomics: An Austrian Perspective (Routledge, 2000), and Monetary Evolution, Free Banking, and Economic Order (Westview, 1992). He has written extensively on Austrian economics, Hayekian political economy, monetary theory and history, and American economic history. His work has been published in professional journals such as History of Political Economy, Southern Economic Journal, and The Cambridge Journal of Economics. The author of numerous op-eds, Horwitz is also a frequent guest on TV and radio programs, contributes blogs at “Bleeding Heart Libertarians” and writes regularly for A member of the Mont Pelerin Society, he has a Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University and a bachelor’s degree in economics and philosophy from the University of Michigan. Horwitz joined St. Lawrence University in 1989 as an assistant professor and Dana Fellow.

Mary M. Hussmann, English

Writer and teacher Mary Hussmann, associate professor of English, joined St. Lawrence in 2000 and specialized in creative nonfiction, and nature and environmental writing. She also taught in the Adirondack Semester program, the Sustainability Semester, as well as team-taught with colleagues in biology. She also helped launch the Nature Up North website and taught interns working with the program. Hussmann co-edited Transgressions: The Iowa Review Anthology of Innovative Fiction and has contributed essays, poetry, book reviews, and interviews in anthologies and journals, including Why We’re Here, an anthology of Upstate New York writers, NCPR’s Stories, Food, LifeSouthern Cultures, American Nature WritingThe Iowa ReviewThe Kenyon ReviewBrevity, and 5Trope, among others. Hussmann received an M.F.A. in creative nonfiction from the University of Iowa and a bachelor’s degree in English literature from University of Northern Iowa.

Sidney L. Sondergard, English

Sidney Sondergard, Piskor Professor of English, joined the St. Lawrence faculty in 1986. He is the author of several books, including Sharpening her Pen: Strategies of Rhetorical Violence by Early Modern English Women Writers (2002), and the first complete English translation of Pu Songling's liaozhai zhi yi (Strange Tales from Liaozhai), in six volumes (Jain Publishing, 2008-2013). Sondergard has published articles in many journals, such as The American Journal of Semiotics, Studies in Philology, Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction, and Studies in the Humanities. In addition to English courses, Sondergard’s courses included screenwriting and film studies, and he has traveled several times to China to do research on Pu Songling, Confucius, and the Chinese general, Guan Yu. He received his Ph.D. from University of Southern California Los Angeles and both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English from Wichita State University, in Kansas.

James R. Wallace, Psychology

James Wallace is a 1970 graduate of the University of Notre Dame where he majored in psychology. He earned his Ph.D. at Kent State University, specializing in developmental psychology, and joined St. Lawrence University in 1974. For 43 years, Wallace has taught Introductory Psychology and seminars on specialty topics, but the core of his annual teaching responsibilities was four sections of Developmental Psychology with estimated cumulative enrollments exceeding 5,400 St. Lawrence graduates, including the children of former students enrolled in his courses. Wallace has been recognized with several teaching awards during his tenure at St. Lawrence. For the past 15 years, his research focus has been on risky behaviors in middle school children, which has resulted in a number of student-faculty research presentations at conferences across the United States.  

In fall 2016, Hilary Ayn Valentine ’89 established the James R. Wallace Professorship in Psychology in honor of Wallace and his teaching legacy at St. Lawrence.

Retiring Staff

  • Patty A. Ashlaw, Government & Economics
  • Robert A. Binion III, Facilities Operations
  • Jay H. Chittenden, Dining & Conference Services
  • Duane A. Clookey, Facilities Operations
  • Sandra P. Demarest, NCPR
  • Richard Flanagan, Facilities Operations
  • Mela A. Lawson, Psychology
  • Jeffrey L. Peters, Facilities Operations
  • Jeffrey B. Rickey, Admissions and Financial Aid
  • Gloria L. Weldon, Dining & Conference Services

Employees Celebrating 25 years of Service

  • Deborah M. Bagnato, Mail Center
  • Lawrence J. Boyette, First-Year Program
  • Rance Davis, Student Life 
  • Patricia J. Farmer, Financial Aid
  • Colleen Friot, English
  • Richard Jenseth, associate profess of Film Studies
  • Cindy L. Kelly, Facilities Operations
  • Mela A. Lawson, Psychology
  • Nadia Marano, Chemistry
  • Carole Mathey, Richard F. Brush Art Gallery
  • Thomas B. Meade, Brewer Bookstore
  • Thomas R. Pynchon, University Advancement
  • Philip J. Trivilino, Information Technology