Reading Lists? Literary Trends? Events? Check the SLU Library Blogs

Reading and writing do not take a vacation during the summer months at St. Lawrence University’s Libraries. In fact, library staff members are already busily preparing for the fall semester and keeping the University informed of newly published works, literary trends and what’s new at the libraries through the use of blogs.

Public Services Librarian Paul A. Doty personally maintains two library blogs, which keep the St. Lawrence community informed about current collections and events as well as upcoming local and national trends. The blogs also serve as a venue for sharing ideas and suggestions for creating that all too important summer reading list.

The Odyssey Online blog serves as a resource for what is new in the libraries, upcoming lectures, exhibitions and new collections. Doty also uses the blog to discuss literary trends.

“Odyssey Online is really about everything related to the library,” Doty said. “It’s a bit of a personal project, but it is something that I enjoy doing and something I believe benefits the University.”

For example, Doty recently cited a study that discusses whether readers can recall something read in an e-book as easily as from a physical book.  “It’s an fascinating discussion,” he said.

The Friends of the Owen D. Young and Launders Libraries, otherwise known as FODYLL, has its own blog – also maintained by Doty. The blog is used to supply FODYLL members as well as the campus community with updates on upcoming activities, news about the libraries, and intellectual life at St. Lawrence in general.

“FODYLL as an organization has been around since 1970 and has contributed a great deal back to the library,” Doty said. “FODYLL not only supports the library financially through donations and special events, it also is a great promoter of the library in general. The FODYLL blog helps us inform members and show how the library is supporting the University’s overall mission.”

The Odyssey Online blog can be found at The FODYLL blog can be found at

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