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Professor Presents at Experimental Biology Meeting

Ana Y. Estevez, associate professor of biology and psychology and Sarah Johnson Professor in the Sciences, presented her research at the Experimental Biology meeting held April 22 to 26 in Chicago.

The title of her poster, “In-vitro Analysis of Catalase-, Oxidase- and SOD-mimetic Activity of Commercially Available and Custom-synthesized Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles and Assessment of Neuroprotective Effects in a Hippocampal Brain Slice Model of Ischemia,” focused on neuroinflammation/neuroprotection/ischemia.

Co-authors on the paper included Joseph S. Erlichman, professor of biology, and Brad Stadler, a collaborator from Cerion Enterprises in Rochester, New York.

The Experimental Biology meeting is the annual meeting of six scientific societies, including the American Physiological Society (APS) of which Estevez is a member.

Estevez attended a lecture delivered by Jeff Lichtman from Harvard University, who presented the Joseph Erlanger Distinguished Lectureship of the APS Central Nervous System Section. His lecture, “Does Connectomics Make Sense?” described his laboratory’s work in creating an electronic reconstruction of a small volume of mouse brain tissue using electron microscopy techniques.

While at the meeting, Estevez also participated in various career development workshops for undergraduate and graduate students as a member for the Porter Physiology Development and Minority Affairs Committee of the APS.

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