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Prof. Speaks at D.C. Think Tank, Writes Op-Ed for 'WaPo'

Howard Eissenstat, associate professor of history and Turkish affairs expert, wrote an editorial on Turkey’s snap elections for “The Monkey Cage,” The Washington Post blog featuring political scientists in university research positions writing in an area of expertise.   

Eissenstat argues that, while there is little doubt that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will win, the election results may actually demonstrate the extent of his authoritarian rule.

“Erdogan may not need to cheat to win the 2018 election — but if he needs to, he will,” Eissenstat wrote. “The core of Turkey’s ‘electoral authoritarianism’ is to ensure that victory without blatant ballot rigging.”

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On April 11, Eissenstat took part in the Council on Foreign Relations Future of the Middle East symposium and was invited to participate in the opening keynote session, titled “Historical Perspectives on the Middle East.”

Eissenstat is a notable source on issues regarding Turkey, its president and relations to the United States, and is widely quoted in national and international media. He also currently serves as a nonresident senior nonresident fellow with the Project on Middle East Democracy think tank, or POMED.

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