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President Fox Quoted on Governor's Tuition Proposal

President William L. Fox went on record with the Watertown Daily Times to explain how Governor Andrew Cuomo's Excelsior Scholarship proposal could affect St. Lawrence University and other private colleges in New York State.

Fox explained that the Governor's proposal would negatively affect enrollment at St. Lawrence and other New York privates, while at the same time put price controls on future tuition increases.

"Whether you’re doing theoretical economics or just pragmatics of living in a competitive market, that creates an imbalance that I think is quite unreasonable," Fox told the Times.

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In January, Fox joined Clarkson University President Anthony Collins and Paul Smith's College President Cathy Love in calling for the expansion of the state's Tuition Assistance Program, or TAP, instead of implementing a new scholarship that applies only to public institutions of higher education in New York.

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Cuomo announced on Jan. 3 his proposed Excelsior Scholarship, which would provide free tuition to New Yorkers who make up to $125,000 (AGI) and attend the State University of New York (SUNY) or City University of New York (CUNY). The scholarship would be phased in beginning in Fall 2017 if it is passed in the state's 2017-18 fiscal budget. Under this program, students would still receive TAP awards and any applicable federal grants. The new scholarship would cover the remaining tuition costs for eligible students.

Cuomo's proposal also calls for limiting tuition increases at private colleges to not exceed the three-year average of the Higher Education Price Index (HEPI) or $500, whichever is greater. Going over would restrict TAP-eligible students from using the state portion of their financial aid awards at St. Lawrence and would also threaten direct state institutional support to the University, known as Bundy Aid.

On Feb. 14, Jabari Bowen '18 joined William Short, director of the Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) at St. Lawrence for the New York Student Aid Alliance Advocacy Day. The event allows college students attending private colleges across New York to meet with members of the state's Legislature and share their stories about how state programs like TAP and HEOP help support their college attendance.

Jabari was interviewed on WCNY's "Capitol Pressroom" along with Terri Standish-Kuon, vice president for public affairs at the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities (CICU).

For more information about the role private colleges and universities play in the State of New York, visit the New York State Aid Alliance at