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PCA, English Prof. Published in Historical Review

An article written by Juraj Kittler, associate professor of performance and communication arts (PCA) and English, was featured in the latest issue of the Mediterranean Historical Review (Taylor & Francis).

The essay, titled "Caught Between Business, War and Politics: Late Medieval Roots of the Early Modern European News Networks," is a result of a decade-long research in various Italian archives. To date, Kittler has been published in venues related to his “home” discipline of communications studies. For the first time, he has ventured outside of his academic field, establishing his name in a journal founded and edited by a group of historians at Tel Aviv University.

The article successfully challenges the current paradigmatic view of the origins of the avvisi – the hand-written news reports that preceded printed newspapers, tracing their earliest appearance to more than a century earlier than previously thought among circles of the Late Medieval Italian merchants and diplomats active in the 1300s, whose networks were spanning from London to Bruges, covered the German-speaking lands, and reached all the way to Cyprus, Alessandria, and Aleppo.

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