National Media Turn to St. Lawrence Faculty Experts

St. Lawrence University faculty made their mark with regional, national and international news media during the 2016-17 academic year, writing opinion pieces and serving as experts in their field.

In July, The Washington Post reviewed Associate Professor of English Paul Graham’s 2016 book titled In Memory of Bread. In August, Forbes reviewed Assistant Professor of Anthropology Mindy Pitre’s card game “Origins,” which is designed as a classroom learning tool to help students retain and recall core concepts from introductory biological and physical anthropology courses.

In October, Professor of English Natalia Singer told The Nation why she felt the need to express her progressive viewpoints to students during the 2016 election. Meanwhile Dana Professor of Canadian studies and English Robert Thacker wrote about the transformative effects of the liberal arts and the First-Year Program for The Hechinger Report.

In November, Associate Professor of Education Peter D. Ladd wrote an article that was published in Counseling Todaya publication of the American Counseling Association. And in January, The Artstor Blog posted an entry by Director of the Richard F. Brush Art Gallery Catherine Tedford on the Street Art Graphics collection she has been collected and curated.

February turned out to be a busy month for faculty experts: The Wall Street Journal interviewed Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs and Associate Professor of Economics Alison Del Rossi about a paper she co-wrote concerning the value of double majors. The Philadelphia Inquirer ran an opinion article penned by Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies David Murphy, calling on the Trump administration to seek a “renewable first” energy strategy. And, the Huffington Post published Associate Professor of History and Coordinator of African Studies Matthew Carotenuto piece on the impact of President Trump’s immigration and travel ban and its impact on international students in the United States.

In March, Michael W. Ranger ’80 and Virginia R. Ranger P’17 Professor in Government Alan Draper told the Syracuse Post-Standard how the United States resembles the NCAA basketball tournament, where it's usually the same elite schools that end up in the Final Four.

Following the April 16 Turkish referendum, Associate Professor of History Howard Eissenstat was in high demand, serving as an expert source for a number of national and international media outlets, including the Associated Press, The Washington Post, The New York Times, the CBC, Muftah and Quartz, among others. Eissenstat carried the St. Lawrence University name to a potential readership of more than 500 million in April. He also penned an opinion article for The Hill and wrote a report on the topic for the Project on Middle East Democracy.

Most recently in May, Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies R. Danielle Egan was interviewed by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on the enduring appeal of strip clubs. While over the border, Rutherford Professor of Statistics helped lead the third-annual Ottawa Hockey Analytics Conference, which received coverage in the Toronto Sun and TSN.

For more examples of faculty in the media, visit the St. Lawrence in the News tab on the University News website