Modern Languages Prof. Delivers Talk on Italian Artist | St. Lawrence University

Modern Languages Prof. Delivers Talk on Italian Artist

Alessandro Giardino, assistant professor of Francophone studies and Italian and coordinator of European Studies, gave a talk at a Montreal art gallery on Italian contemporary art.

Invited by the Italian Cultural Institute of Montreal, Giardino delivered his talk, titled "Luciano Ventrone: the Caravaggio of the twentieth century?" on Friday, Oct. 4, at the Han Art Gallery in Westmount, Quebec.

The exhibition, which runs through Oct. 15, hosts some works of the immense artistic production of Luciano Ventrone. The exhibition thus becomes an opportunity for  Giardino to spend time on the originality of the work and at the same time on the similarities and differences between Caravaggio and Ventrone, although both remain vivid consciousness of their time.

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