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Modern Languages Prof. Delivers Research Paper

Rafael Castillo Bejarano, visiting assistant professor of modern languages and literatures, moderated a table and delivered a research paper at the 14th Biennial Conference of the Society for Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic Poetry, which took place Oct. 17 to 19 at the University of California, Irvine.

In his paper, "La voz, eco ya de mi tormento: the praise of singing ladies in the poetry of count of Villamediana," Bejarano contrasts the praise of feminine voice by Villamediana to that by contemporary counterparts. Instead of the typical spiritual elevation inspired by music according with Early Modern poets, Villamediana extols the power of sensuality conducting to delightful sensorial "torment" and erotic madness in the male listener, audaciously contradicting religious and moralistic treatises that advised against women musical practices.

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