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Modern Languages Prof. Delivers Paper at Conference

Rafael Castillo Bejarano, visiting assistant professor of modern languages and literatures, delivered a paper on Sept. 28 at the Cervantes Society of America Conference in Calgary, Alberta.

His paper, titled "The Ages of the Poets: Discourses on Age by Cervantes and His Contemporaries," outlines how Cervantes received harsh criticism because of his age while publishing most of his major works late in his 50s and 60s. To claim preeminence in the literary field, rivals and competitors employed shifting arguments based on medical theories or patterns of literary careers, Bejarano argues.

Bejarano's talk traced the explicit and implicit discourses on the ideal age to write poetry, embodied in the conflicting authors' works, and underlined Cervantes' defense of learning and experience alongside natural qualities to become a perfect poet in a crucial period for the nascent figure of the modern author.

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