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Modern Languages Prof. Article Published

Rafael Castillo Bejarano, visiting assistant professor of Spanish, has recently been published in the refereed electronic journal eHumanista: Journal of Iberian Studies.

The article, titled "'Divino ingenio y peregrina mano': poesía, música y sociabilidad en la madeja intertextual de Villamediana y el abad Maluenda", explores how the abbé Maluenda, a little known clergyman of noble origins, exploited his amateur poetry and vihuela talents, as a way to gain social promotion in courtly circles also frequented by young Count of Villamediana. This work also sheds some light on the ecdotic entanglement between Villamediana’s and Maluenda’s poems, in connection with the poetry composition and transmission practices among the aristocracy in the Renaissance and Baroque periods."

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