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Meet St. Lawrence’s Class of 2024

A strong academic record and an inspiring list of extracurricular and community activities are among the many highlights worth noting about St. Lawrence’s newest incoming class.

The COVID-19 pandemic presented unheard of circumstances for colleges and universities everywhere and the recruitment of the Class of 2024, but as of mid-August, St. Lawrence’s total enrollment for the 2020-21 academic year was stable and consistent with last year. Most of the 622 new students—including 596 first-year students and 26 transfers—began moving in on Saturday, August 22.

“Despite a global pandemic, these students decided their bold ideas, goals, and dreams couldn’t wait, which will rightfully earn them a spot in St. Lawrence’s storied history,” said Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Florence Hines. “I’m proud to call them Laurentians and can’t wait to see them explore all St. Lawrence offers and make this place and community their home.”

The academic and demographic profiles for the Class of 2024 is impressive and aligns with last year’s class. More than 40 percent of first-year students ranked in the top tenth percentile of their graduating classes. The geographic breakdown also remains strong with the class representing 32 states and 33 countries. Students from the North Country account for 11 percent of the class.

International students represent 10 percent of the class, an increase from last year, and self-identified domestic students of color represent 14 percent. Nearly 20 percent of the class is first-generation students, while 15 percent has at least one family member or relative who attends or graduated from St. Lawrence.

The defining characteristics of Laurentians—inquisitive, supportive, and passionate—are already evident in the new cohort. With 81 percent having participated in community service and 79 percent taking part in leadership activities, this class has already demonstrated they prioritize others and are eager to step up, take action, and tackle the big issues facing local and global communities today.

Earlier this summer, NPR’s “On Point” interviewed Rafael Escoto ’24 from New York, N.Y., about everything he was doing for his fellow students and his community, including a project he worked on that provided people with information about how to safely protest, as well as resources about anti-Blackness.

When NPR asked him what he thinks his future at St. Lawrence will look like, he replied, "I know my future with St. Lawrence will definitely be a strong one because I already feel a tremendous amount of support. I've been talking to directors about planning and networking, and what the school year will look like, even in the summer."

Rafael, who is a member of the University’s Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) Class of 2024, has already experienced St. Lawrence virtually this summer since his NPR interview. The program’s summer session, which is usually an on-campus experience for HEOP’s first-year class, was completed remotely this summer due to COVID-19.

“During HEOP, hearing from the alumni allowed me to picture myself as a future educator, and I hope to have a similar impact on others that St. Lawrence professors had on the alumni,” he says.

The Class of 2024 also enjoys a wide variety of interests: 91 percent participated in athletics and 42 percent are recruited athletes, 60 percent enjoyed opportunities in the arts, music, and theater, 59 percent have taken part in outdoor clubs, and more than half of the class conducted research or join academic clubs.

Incoming field hockey player Eva Drummond ’24 from East Conway, N.H., shared her reasons for choosing St. Lawrence with The Conway Daily Sun earlier this summer.

“St. Lawrence actually came onto my list later in the process. I went to visit for the first time last August and loved the campus,” she said. “I also really liked hearing how the alumni network at St. Lawrence was so strong, [because] it assured me that everyone who went there loved it and was willing to give back. It was also really funny because whenever I told someone or my parents told someone I was going there, everyone knew someone that had gone to SLU and loved it — a coincidence that just kept happening. It was a huge indicator that I had chosen correctly.”