Math Professors Win Awards at Conference

A faculty duo in the Department of Math, Computer Science, and Statistics both received Best Paper awards in their specific fields at recent conferences.

Patti Frazer Lock, Cummings Professor of Mathematics, was presented with the Dex Whittinghill Award for the "Best Paper in Statistics Education" at the Joint Mathematics Meetings, which took place Jan. 9 to 13 in San Diego. Frazer Lock received the award for her paper, titled “Data Visualization in Intro Stats, which she presented at the 2017 Joint Mathematics Meetings.

Robin Lock, Burry Professor of Statistics, was presented with the Ron Wasserstein Award for Best Paper in Statistics Education at the Joint Statistical Meetings held in Baltimore in August 2017 for his paper, titled “Data Surfing on the World Wide Web, Part 2,” which he presented at the 2016 Joint Statistical Meetings in Chicago. The first part of his of this talk was presented 20 years earlier, when also won a Best Paper award.

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