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History Prof. Writes for WaPo's 'Monkey Cage'

Howard Eissenstat, associate professor of history and Turkish affairs expert, wrote an opinion piece for The Washington Post's "Monkey Cage" on the recent mayoral election in Istanbul, Turkey.

His piece, titled " Five lessons from the latest elections in Turkey," discuss the election that served as a rebuke to Turkey's president Erdogan's power.

"Politically and economically, Turkey now lurches from crisis to crisis," Eissenstat wrote. "The political opposition — as well as dissent within Erdogan’s own alliance — is likely to become more aggressive."

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According to The Washington Post, the Monkey Cage aims to connect political scientists and the political conversation by creating a compelling forum, developing publicly focused scholars, and building an informed audience.

Eisssenstat currently serves as a nonresident senior nonresident fellow with the Project on Middle East Democracy think tank, or POMED. He recently sat down for a Q&A with POMED on the elections.

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