Graduating Seniors Sum up St. Lawrence in One Sentence

By Maxime Bost-Brown ’17

St. Lawrence University’s Class of 2017 is buzzing with excitement and anticipation as their time at SLU comes to an end. Four years of dedication and hard work come to a head on May 21, when each Laurentian walks across the stage, closing one chapter and opening a new one. 

Seniors were asked to talk about their time at St. Lawrence University, but only in one sentence. This task gave students time to reflect on the several lessons and cherished memories most dear.

Rebecca Briggs ’17, a psychology major from Middletown, New York, spoke briefly of her time at St. Lawrence. “It’s been real,” she said with a bit of thought. She further indicated that her SLU experience was one that showed her what her “real” self is like.

“SLU has helped me to come out of my shell,” said Catherine Rowell ’17. Rowell, a chemistry and mathematics major from Liverpool, New York, mentioned that SLU, especially the women’s volleyball team, aided in creating an environment in which she thrived.

Liam Rogers ’17, a performance and communications arts major from Cazenovia, New York, shared a metaphor about SLU. “It’s not how fast you mow; it’s how well you mow fast.”

Gunnar Ohlson ’17 of Frisco, Colorado, majoring in environmental studies-government, tapped into the importance of the professors at St. Lawrence University. “I am going to miss my professors so much,” he said.

Fanta Conde ’17 of Brooklyn, New York, majoring in English, touched on the increased level of intellect required for a university like SLU. She said, “It’s been tough, but a good tough.”

Finally, Mike Fisher ’17, an economics major from Hamburg, New York, also had a metaphor to summarize his four years at St. Lawrence University: “If you don't like the weather, make your own sunshine.”

Words that go unspoken tend to preserve the most sacred of wisdom. This means that the sentences shared here are that much more important. Congratulations, Class of 2017.

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