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Government Prof. Published in 'Israel Studies Review'

An article written by Ronnie Olesker, associate professor of government, was published in the September edition of the peer-reviewed journal Israel Studies Review.

The article, titled "Delegitimization as a National Security Threat," examines the securitization of delegitimization as a national security threat in Israel. The article contains three elements. First, theoretically, it analyzes legitimacy as a national security asset and delegitimization as a risk to ontological security. Second, it traces the Israeli response to delegitimization, providing an empirically rich account of this approach. Finally, it seeks to provide an assessment, albeit preliminary, of the effectiveness of the Israeli response. It concludes by discussing policy implications, emphasizing the benefits and counterproductive outcomes of an otherwise successful securitization process. Although Israel has had success curbing delegitimization with regard to political elites at the state level, it continues to lose ground with both the grassroots and Western liberal audiences.

The article can be found online at Israel Studies Review.

Olesker recently wrote an opinion article featured in The Hill on Israel's decision to deny entry to U.S. Representatives Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.