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Geology Prof. Emeritus Published in Academic Journal

J. Mark Erickson, Chapin Professor of Geology Emeritus, recently described a 68 million-year-old snail species new to science. He named the fossil species Neritoptyx hogansoni after a colleague at the North Dakota State Museum, John W. Hoganson, who is State Paleontologist Emeritus of North Dakota. 

The small snail that lived on tidal flats in North Dakota when dinosaurs roamed the western shoreline of the Fox Hills Sea is unusual because it preserves the color pattern of the shell. This Cretaceous fossil is described in the current issue of the international Journal of Paleontology.

Erickson has conducted research on the fossils of the Fox Hills Formation of North Dakota for 50 years having made his first field collection of fossil snails in 1969.

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