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FYP Prof.’s Paintings Included in Juried Exhibition

Paintings by Robert Selby, adjunct professor of the First-Year Program, were accepted to tour with a juried exhibition mounted by the Norman Rockwell Museum of Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

The exhibition, titled “Re-envisioning the Four Freedoms,” is based on Norman Rockwell's famous four painting series featuring the “four freedoms” outlined by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in his famous speech at the dawn of World War II. Rockwell’s originals, “Freedom of Speech,” “Freedom from Want,” “Freedom of Religion” and “Freedom from Fear,” anchor the show intended to highlight the way that contemporary artists are addressing these same issues today. 

Selby’s painting, a free-standing door with a painting on each side, is titled “Colored/White” and is part of a series he calls the “Doors Without Walls” inspired by his childhood in the segregated South.

The first painting takes the theme of the Negro Leagues baseball and is intended to emphasize the fact that despite integration and the election of an African-American president, America has yet to come to terms with the grim legacy of slavery. “We can pass freely through the space of the gallery,” Selby says, “but there remains a locked door in the center of the space that impedes our passage.”

The exhibition will open on May 27, 2018, in New York City before traveling on to Detroit and Washington, D.C. It will then open in Caen, France, in summer 2019 before traveling to Houston and back to the Stockbridge, where it will open in the fall of 2020.