FYP Instructor Completes Naturalist Certification

Paul Siskind, adjunct assistant professor for the First-Year Program, has completed 31 training hours and 45 hours of volunteer service to be named a Master Naturalist by the New York Master Naturalist Program.

Siskind has conducted citizen science research on control of the invasive lily leaf beetle (Liloceris lilii) using “safe” insecticides and integrated pest management strategies. He has given presentations on his work to the Clarkson-Potsdam Garden Club and presented a talk about IPM control of lily leaf beetles as part of Cornell Cooperative Extension of St. Lawrence County’s Invasive Species Awareness Day workshops. Siskind also participated with the Higley Flow Association in a project to hand-pull the invasive variable-leaf milfoil from the Racquette River in Higley Flow State Park. 

Siskind also worked with CCE of St. Lawrence County to plan a route for an activity trail, and he also participated in the Canton-Potsdam area Christmas Bird Count.