Education Department Hosts Third Tap-A-Leader Event

St. Lawrence University's Department of Education held its third-annual “Tap-A-Leader” event on Friday, Dec. 2, at Appleton Arena. The event is meant to encourage aspiring school and district leaders to explore taking the next step on their leadership journey.

The event consisted of sitting school and district leaders “tapping” potential leaders, individuals in whom they see the promise of becoming effective future educational leaders, whether as a future principal, superintendent or other leadership role.

The leaders and their proteges were treated to a catered meal, panel discussion by sitting educational leaders in various roles and at various stages in their leadership careers, information regarding the graduate Educational Leadership programs available at St. Lawrence, and seats in the President’s Box at the St. Lawrence Men’s Hockey game against Harvard.

The scope for the year’s event included participants from the St. Lawrence-Lewis Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) as well as educators from across the North Country, including Watertown and Chateaugay.

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