Dance Concert Draws from Range of Academic Disciplines

By Emma Cummings-Krueger '16

After a semester of choreography, design and rehearsal, St. Lawrence University’s dance class students are ready to take the stage in the Noble Center’s Gulick Theatre. The performance, "Body Electric, Fall Dance Concert," will be held beginning at 8 p.m. each night from Thursday, Dec. 3, through Saturday, Dec. 5.

The dance concert will run for just under two hours and will feature ballet, modern, swing and other dance styles. Hannah Murphy ’18, who is taking Modern Dance with Lecturer Kerri Canedy, has a history in the genre and hoped to pursue it further at St. Lawrence.

“I wanted to learn more about the techniques of modern because they are very different from other types of dance that I'm used to,” said the sophomore from Porter Corners, New York. “I've loved not only learning more about the dance world but getting back on stage for the showcase.”

View a photo gallery of the dress rehearsal.

While group performances as the students’ class projects will comprise the majority of this semester’s showcase, other numbers will feature various dance clubs on campus as well as solo senior-choreographed performances.

Although several students are pursing an existing passion for dance, many in next week’s showcase are new to the discipline.

“My science courses don't give me a lot of opportunity for artistic expression,” said Casey Cabrinha ’17, a biology major from Syracuse, New York. “It is refreshing to stretch myself out and learn something so different from the classes in my major.”

Casey isn’t the only student branching out through this semester.

“Only in dance can you meet students majoring in a wide range of subjects. It's a unique opportunity,” said Sarah McEachern ’17, of Natick, Massachusetts. She credits the draw from other departments to a range of applicable skills that dance offers. “In dance class I learn teamwork, problem solving, memorization, and creativity. They are things I can apply in all my other classes.”

Thursday’s show is free and open to the public, while the Friday and Saturday performances will require tickets, which may be collected at no cost from the Gulick Theatre box office during the week preceding the showcase.

For more information, check the Performance and Communication Arts events calendar, or call the Gulick Theatre box office at 315-229-5166.