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Margo Brooks '08 and Alex Eaton '08
(2/28/14) Alex Eaton '08 and Margo Brooks '08 were profiled in "Adirondack Explorer" for purchasing land near Jay, N.Y., in 2012 and turning it into a cheese farm.
(2/28/14) St. Lawrence University was named as one of 20 nationwide colleges that features restaurant-quality food by the online college admissions guide
Kyle Blanchfield, adjunct faculty of education
(2/27/14) A recent blog written by Kyle Blanchfield, adjunct faculty education, on school discipline versus punishment was recently published in Education Week.
(2/27/14) St. Lawrence University's Joseph Erlichman, professor of biology, and Mark Brackett, president of the Kinney Drug Inc. Foundation, are working to develop a drug to treat diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.
(2/26/14) Rebecca Doll '14 was recently featured on the cover of "New York Organic News" magazine.
(2/25/14) The "Journal of Blacks in Higher Education" recently praised St. Lawrence University as a school where high African-American graduation rates have helped to eliminate the racial gap.
(2/24/14) "Inside Higher Education" mentions St. Lawrence University when discussing bridge programs that help prepare students for the job market.
(2/24/14) Calvin (Fred) Exoo, Charles D., Sarah & John D. Munsil professor of government, wrote an article published by "Truthout" magazine, titled "This Is Your Brain on Poverty: What Science Tells Us About Poverty."
(2/20/14) WWNY-TV featured a story about St. Lawrence University's "Clips for Cancer" event, which took place on Saturday, Feb. 22, to benefit the St. Baldricks Foundation.
(2/14/14) Kyle Blanchfield and Peter Ladd, who both teach in the Department of Education, discuss why recognizing emotion is is necessary for school leaders in "Education Week."
Dancers in the snow
(2/13/14) A North Country snow storm didn't stop Kerri Canedy, adjunct instructor of dance, and several St. Lawrence University students from filming a dance sequence outdoors.
(2/13/14) St. Lawrence University students recently helped the North Country Children’s Museum with an art studio event.
Chewing gum study
(2/12/14) Associate Professor of Psychology Serge Onyper's discusses his research on the effects of chewing gum while studying was published in "NBC News."
(2/11/14) Professor of Physics Daniel W. Koon discusses how a polar bear's pelt helps keep the animal warm in the frozen arctic.
(2/10/14) Online sports publication featured St. Lawrence's "Saints Go Social" media night, which took place at a Women's Hockey game on Feb. 7.
(2/7/14) St. Lawrence University student athletes collected used shoes during the months of December and January for donation to ShoeBox Recycling.
(2/6/14) Poet Robert Frost unexpectedly visited his future wife, Elinor White, who was attending St. Lawrence University in the late 1890s, to try to pursuade her to quit college and marry him.
(2/4/14) A "Watertown Daily Times" editorial commends students in a First-Year Seminar class trying to go 12 days without their cell phones.
(2/3/14) Delta Delta Delta students from St. Lawrence University modeled prom gowns in Canton to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.