News Archive

(1/31/14) Carol Gable, associate vice president for finance, tells WWNY-TV that a healthy endowment is crucial for the operation and future of the University.
(1/30/14) Senior Secretary Joyce Sheridan and Steven Horwitz, Charles A. Dana Professor and Chair of the Department of Economics, discuss the rising price of propane on North Country Public Radio.
(1/29/14) St. Lawrence University’s Center for Civic Engagement is organizing a coat and winter gear drive for school-age children and teens across the county.
(1/24/14) Karen Hitchcock '64 advovates on Northeast Public Radio for strict academic freedom even in the face of delicate topics such as recent calls for boycotting Israeli universities.
Career Connections Director Geoffrey Falen
(1/21/14) St. Lawrence Career Connections program and its recent "boot camp" for sophomores was featured in an "Inside Higher Ed" article discussing career transition programs for students.
Professor of Education Arthur J. Clark
(1/16/14) Professor of Education Arthur J. Clark discusses in the "Huffington Post" how early childhood memories reveal glimpses into a person's deepest nature and ways of perceiving life.
Girl with giraffe
(1/13/14) "Inside Higher Ed" highlighted St. Lawrence University's Instagram account, which features a different student photographer each week.
Dana Professor and Chair of Economics Steven Horwitz
(1/8/14) Steven Horwitz, Dana Professor and Chair of Economics, says that the War on Poverty overlooks the history of economic growth in America.
Sandrine Milet '12
(1/7/14) Sandrine Milet '12 has only been out of college for a little more than a year, but she is already managing an art gallery in Stamford, Conn., and curating her own shows.
(1/7/14) Priest Associate Professor of Physics Aileen O'Donoghue tells North Country Public Radio the good news is that the new season is technically on the way.
(1/6/14) St Lawrence University students support literacy and language skills at a Potsdam day care as part of the University’s Community Based Learning program.
(1/2/14) Ilmars Rimsevics '89, the governor of Latvia's Central Bank, is leading the country's transition to the euro currency, as it becomes the newest member of the euro zone.