Biology Professor Featured on 'The Academic Minute' | St. Lawrence University

Biology Professor Featured on 'The Academic Minute'

Joe Erlichman, professor of biology and R. Sheldon '68 and Virginia H. Johnson Chair of Science, discussed his research into cerium oxide nanoparticles on The Academic Minute.

The potent antioxidant have demonstrated properties that preserve muscle function and increase longevity in mice and hold potential to treat neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS and multiple sclerosis.

Erlichman leads a team of St. Lawrence University scientists who have been studying cerium oxide for several years. The team includes Karin Heckman, associate professor of biology, William DeCoteau, associate professor of psychology, and Ana Estevez, associate professor of biology and psychology and Sarah Johnson '82 Professorship in the Sciences.

The research team has been published in multiple scientific journals – including Nanomedicine, ACS Nano, and Neurology Today – and has presented at a number of academic conferences.

Listen to the Erlichman's segment on WAMC, which was also featured on Inside Higher Ed.