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Admissions Summer Interns Help Visitors Explore St. Lawrence

High school students and families visiting St. Lawrence this past summer were likely welcomed by Eduardo Puerta ’22, Becky Dromms ’22, Kate Angus ’20, Tess Maxam ’22, and Meg Charles ’22. These five Laurentians spent ten weeks in Canton as Admissions Summer Interns.

Each year, Admissions Summer Interns are selected from a competitive field of candidates after completing an extensive application process, including multi-stage interviews. The internship allows students to expand their professional work experiences, conduct analytical research for the Office of Admissions, and share their favorite aspects of St. Lawrence with visitors. Throughout the summer, the interns welcomed hundreds of visitors, gave more than 300 tours, completed several special projects for the office, worked closely with admissions counselors to better understand the work they do, traveled throughout the Northeast to welcome events for the Class of 2023, and assisted with on-campus events.

This fall, all five interns are continuing to work with Admissions as each week is packed with opportunities for high school students and families to explore St. Lawrence. Get to know them and what they most enjoy about St. Lawrence.

Eduardo Puerta ’22

Eduardo Puerta ’22 came to St. Lawrence from Caracas, Venezuela, interested in engineering but excited by the flexibility to develop other passions in-and-out of the classroom.

Intrigued by organizational structure and the recruitment side of an institution and hoping to be exposed to more people in St. Lawrence community, Eduardo was excited for the opportunity to represent the University over the summer.

“I had worked in an administrative role in my high school and I thought it was a very empowering experience, getting to know the students and the people that made the place because sometimes I think we get lost in the ‘big picture’ things,” he says.

Eduardo was the veteran member of the Summer Admissions Interns, being the only intern who is also an Admissions Ambassador during the 2018-19 academic year. Something that he shares with visitors is how students can grow as leaders within the community early on in their academic careers.

“SLU is unique because of the small community, it’s easy to know people in different areas but also easy to get involved if that’s something that you want to do,” he explains. “One of the things that I like mentioning (on my tours) is that I feel like in my first year I had so many opportunities to hold leadership roles.”

Becky Dromms ’22

Becky Dromms ’22 came to St. Lawrence from Liverpool N.Y., to study neuroscience and explore exciting abroad opportunities. Once she found out about the many research possibilities, Becky was confident she had discovered the right path for her to pursue her dream of getting a Ph.D.

When introducing visitors to St. Lawrence, one unique aspect that Becky likes to share about St. Lawrence is her experience with the friendships that can be forged on campus with peers, faculty, and staff. “Since the class sizes are so small, is it very easy to talk to your professors and become friends with them,” she says.

St. Lawrence’s supportive and empowering faculty members were a big part of Becky’s academic adventure during her first year, which is something she makes sure to tell high school students about. “Especially if you have several classes with a particular professor, it is easy to go to their Office Hours or schedule a meeting and just talk about what is being taught in class or what is happening in your daily life.”

Kate Angus ’20

Kate Angus ’20, an English major from Weatogue, Conn., wanted to spend her last summer as a St. Lawrence student on campus and share her love for the University with prospective students and guests. One of her favorite experiences to tell visitors is what it has been like living in a theme house, one of St. Lawrence’s housing options that empower students with a common interest, vision, or goal to develop related programming and events that benefit students, the University, and/or the local community.

“I’m a member of the Women’s Resource Center theme house, and it has been such a huge part of my SLU experience,” she explains. “I think the theme house community is a very unique and integral part of campus culture, so I always point out my little blue house through the trees when we walk past the Enchanted Forest.”

Laurentians often say that compassion and support are common threads that bind the St. Lawrence community together, and Kate has found that to be true through living in the Women’s Resource Center. “I like to tell prospective students that I have not only found a tight-knit social group, but also a house of peers that continue to challenge and support me intellectually as well,” she says. “And we also just have a fantastic front porch.”

Meg Charles ’22

“I had a great experience throughout the admissions process and wanted to be able to give a part of my experience to prospective students,” says Meg Charles ’22, who is from Farmington, Maine. “I like to tell a lot of stories about my personal experiences at SLU when interacting with prospective students and families! It can be a challenge to fit everything about SLU into a one-hour tour.”

Like several interns and many Laurentians, the “tight-knit community” is a large part of what drew Meg to St. Lawrence, as well as the clear “enthusiasm that current students and alumni have for SLU.”

Something Meg already learned after only one year on campus is that St. Lawrence is the perfect place to explore, experiment, and grow. “Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try as many new things as possible,” she says. “Take advantage of all of the opportunities that SLU has to offer.”

Tess Maxam ’22

Both excited and inspired to have had the opportunity to spend the summer on campus, Tess Maxam ’22 relished the fact that she got the chance to have a “behind-the-scenes” look at the inner workings of St. Lawrence and gain insight into what it takes to run the University.

Now a sophomore, Tess’ work over the summer helped her reminisce about when she first visited St. Lawrence, a reminder that coming to campus in any season is worth the trip.

“A lot of times, I’ll finish my tour by saying why I chose SLU,” the Clinton, N.Y., native explains. “I came to visit in the dead of winter. It was Winter Break, no one was here, and I didn’t expect to come and love it but I got that feeling of community and home without any of the students even being here. Then I was able to come back for an Admitted Students Open House and have that feeling again, which really solidified that connection for me.”